22 Mar 2024

Mimi Takes Five - #293

ONE // Irish Soda Bread
Well, there was only one type of bread I could have baked last weekend and that was an Irish soda bread. I had made this once before, a few years ago and decided (on St. Patrick's Day no less) to give it another go. This one turned out better than my first and was delicious. It's definitely denser than a regular yeast loaf and has a slightly biscuit-like texture. It's made with buttermilk, so also has a distinct aroma. It was a great side to go with our cabbage soup and even made for great peanut butter and jelly sandwiches the next day. This type of bread is a good option when you are pressed for time as there is no rising or resting required. There is a bit of kneading, but it's not too bad. It can be done in about an hour or so, making it perfect for busy week nights. I find it pairs well with stews and chunky soups, perfect for dipping!

TWO // Bow Swap
I was staring at my bow organizer in my closet the other day and thought it was time to do the seasonal swap. My collection is so extensive that I can only have half of it out at a time. I tend to go with fall-winter and spring-summer. The fall-winter palette is the warm tones, jewel tones and more textured fabrics while the spring-summer bows are the pastels and overall lighter, brighter hues. There are a handful of bows that stay out all year round. Those are the neutrals, white and beige bows. Oh, I also keep the bright red bow out all year round because I do wear it all the time. I have a little plastic container in which I store my out-of-season bows and they are never too far should I want to wear one. I simply keep the more likely colours at hand in my closet. This task sparked joy because it makes me focus on my entire collection and also take stock of what I'd want to add to it. I also love organizing, so this five-minute organization task is easy to do and gives me instant results. I love feeling productive!

THREE // Spring is Here!
Well, it's official, spring is finally here. In theory. While we did get an early taste of spring weather, the past week or so has been more wintery. The first day of spring would feel like winter, go figure. I knew we weren't quite done with winter and was not surprised when it snowed multiple times this week. That being said, I know we are inching closer and closer to actual springtime weather and I'm looking forward to it. This little graphic has me looking forward to the joys of spring - fresh blooms, green grass, baby animals and spending more time outdoors. Here's to the change of seasons!

FOUR // Pink Suede Pumps
It was an immediate add-to-cart when I saw these adorable pink suede block heel pumps! I have not loved a pair of shoes this much in a long time. I have a very extensive shoe collection and have all the basics, so it takes a unique pair to get my attention now. I tend to only buy new shoes if they are replacing a pair of used ones or if they are unique enough to fill a void. In the last year or so, I found myself wanting a pair of everyday pink pumps. It wasn't a need, so I was just casually on the lookout for a pair that would fit the bill. Well, Joe Fresh delivered with these perfect pumps. I love that they have the look of a flat but with the practical block heel that makes them a great option for business and pleasure. I will be wearing these non-stop once it's warm enough. I'll be entering my pink shoe season.

FIVE // Children Ruin Everything
My husband and I were looking for something to watch together the other day and randomly selected this show on Netflix. Neither of us had ever heard of it and we were both pleasantly surprised by how much we like it! We could tell from early on that it was a Canadian production, which we later confirmed by looking it up. I'd say this one fits with the style of Kim's Convenience and Run the Burbs. There's just something about Canadian sitcoms, they are not made like any other! I don't want to give away too much, but the title is self-explanatory. It touches on the reality of life with children and every way in which your life is affected by having children. A great watch whether you have kids or not!

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