21 Feb 2017

Pink Again

I've been living in leggings, sweaters and knit socks these days... When one is constantly feeling under the weather, one wears comfortable clothing to cocoon. I have many pairs of these cute knit socks from Giant Tiger. They are the best and even have little anti-slip stickies! Better safe than sorry... I can be a little clumsy at times. They are almost like a cross between slippers and cozy knit socks. These ones are pretty thick, which is great for someone who always has cold feet. When I say cold, I mean glacial. So, in the winter, I live is these little socks! I based today's look on my socks' colour theme of pink and burgundy. You really can't wear too much pink in February!

Sweater: Old Navy | Leggings: Dynamite | Socks: Giant Tigre

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