16 Feb 2017

TBT - Bold Blush

Burgundy + Blush = Colour Crush

I really love mixing dark and light shades of the same colour to come up with an unexpected combination. Sticking with the same colour family keeps things consistent and avoids clash. It's like being bold, but the safe way. If that makes any sense... You'll attract a positive attention as opposed to getting odd looks from passersby. I actually don't mind the odd looks, they make me laugh! Sometimes it's fun to try something very much outside the box just for all the puzzled looks I get! That's why I added pops of turquoise to this look. I felt the blush and burgundy was playing  ittoo safe for my taste and wanted to make a bolder statement. The hint of contrast was the perfect touch!

P.S. Please excuse the frizzy hair, some days it's an uphill battle...
Blouse: Dynamite | Skirt: Zara | Earrings: Delezhen | Bracelet: Pandora | Belt: Smart Set | Shoes: Sears (old)

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