8 Feb 2017

The Groutfit

I recently learned that wearing grey from head to toe is an actual thing and it's called a Groutfit. Makes sense, it's a combination of the words "grey" and "outfit". However, my initial thought when hearing the word was leaning more towards tile flooring than fashion... Regardless of how I feel about the name, I do like the concept of piling on varying shades of grey to make one stand-out look. Although monochromatic dressing is not a new concept, I guess the grey looks have been more prominent than others. Perhaps it has something to do with grey being a more muted and understated colour. It's more tempting to try out a new trend, but not go full-on. I guess that would explain why monochromatic yellow looks are hard to come by... (Note to self: start the Yellfit movement.) The trick in pulling this off is to vary the shades and textures of the individual components of the look. This will add dimension and interest. In today's look, I've got fur, lace, denim, suede and knits in shades of charcoal to light grey. Have fun with it, you'd be amazed how creative you can get with only a grey colour palette.

Jeans: Dynamite | Tank: Garage | Sweater: Dynamite | Faux-fur vest: Dynamite | Necklace: Smart Set | Earrings: (gift) | Coat: Lululemon | Scarf: Old Navy | Boots: Henri Pierre

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