5 Feb 2017

Poncho Punch

Ok, upon second thought, the white jeans was not a great match for the (mostly) white poncho... I do like the monochromatic look, it's a great weekend outfit option. Not too fussy and gets you out the door quickly. I was yet again running errands this weekend. This time, we were on a hunt for bathroom mirrors. I had general ideas in mind for all three bathrooms and was lucky enough to find two that matched my visions. Two down, one to go! Once I got home, I took a small break and caught up on my shows for the week. The cozy poncho was great for lounging around, yet was put-together enough to go out in public. I like it when an outfit is both practical and presentable!

Jeans: Old Navy | Shirt: Ricki's | Poncho: Dynamite | Socks: Old Navy

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