28 Feb 2017

Poncho Style

It was so mild the other day, I went out just like this. I even took off the scarf at some point! We are finally moving into our house today. Mind you, it is not completely finished yet, but livable. So we packed all of our 12 boxes and mattress and moved in! This means I am finally getting the remainder of my clothes delivered as well. Ma wardrobe has been reunited at last. Now, I have to wait for the rods and shelving to be installed in my walk-in before I can even think of sorting and organizing my closet... For now, I'll still be living out of boxes, here's to hoping I find the items I'm looking for with ease. I had worn the above outfit the previous weekend, when we went preliminary furniture shopping. It only took us five or so hours, but we settled on a couch and picked out the fabric. It's the waiting game all over again... I swear, I am being pulled in so many directions at once, it is extremely stressful and somewhat overwhelming. Thank goodness for my amazing partner. His multitasking skills and total involvement has made this process so much more bearable!

Leggings: Dynamite | Turtle Neck: RW&CO | Poncho: Dynamite | Scarf: Old Navy | Socks: Old Navy

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