2 Feb 2017

TBT - Tule Time

I wore this outfit a few years back to the ballet! I mean, how could I not wear this tulle dress to the ballet? It's blush pink, has a layer of crinoline and looks cute when I twirl. Yes, I really twirled when wearing this... I got the same feeling every little girl gets when they put on a pouffy dress. I made it look more put together by adding a black blazer, tights and tall boots. I might have felt like a kid, but I still like to look like an adult. You really can have it both ways if you are crafty in your dressing! I never really grew up, in my mind I'm still that little 8-year old girl mesmerized by ballerinas...

 Dress: Jessica Simpson | Blazer: Jacob | Tights: Hudson's Bay | Belt: Jacob | Headband: (old) | Earrings: X Crystal | Bracelet: (gift) | Boots: Call it Spring

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