1 Jul 2017

Canada 150!

Happy 150th birthday Canada!

Living in the capital of the country has its perks, and I actually enjoy going on the Hill whenever I can for Canada day, but this year, I'm avoiding it. I predict it will be way too busy for my taste so I decided to stay home and make some leeway on settling-in. Yup, this resettling is quite the process! I did decide to get into the festive spirit with my outfit (I'm not that big of a downer!) The weather was also cloudy with lots of rain, so had I actually gone out, I would have worn my red rubber boots. So there you have it, my red and white look for a milestone birthday that I will celebrate in my own way! 

Shorts: American Eagle | Tank: Old Navy (other colour) | Top: H&M | Scarf: Zara | Earrings: Cleo | Sandals: Old Navy

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