3 Jul 2017

Rose Goldie Locks

Here is my weekend-uniform take on wearing my go-to colour combination! This simple coral flutter-sleeve tee is so comfortable and easy to wear it has been on repeat as of late. I paired it with simple striped shorts and light turquoise sandals. The barely visible tassel earrings tie the outfit together. Also, note the coral nails. I figured that was a safe bet for my manicure as the colour is sure to match my looks. The real kicker here is the hair. My sister suggested I add rose gold to my hair and I thought she was brilliant for suggesting it! I mean, rosé/rose gold is all the rage this season, so why not incorporate it in my hair? It meshes so well with the blond and definitely stands out when I wear coral, so this is a multiple win in my book! Next time, I say we add even more rose gold to my locks!

Top: Old Navy (other colour) | Shorts: Old Navy | Earrings: Panacea (Nordstrom) | Sandals: Bamboo

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