8 Jul 2017

Shirt Save!


Ok, so this shirt is pretty cool, it's called a "multiposition" shirt which means it can be worn three different ways. (Refer to the link below for visuals.) I had planned on wearing it with the sleeves tied in the front, and I actually did for the first couple hours of the day. Unfortunately, it was a wet and rainy day. After a few hopeful hours, I gave up on waiting for the sun to come out. I therefore resigned myself to wear the shirt the traditional way...  I was definitely ill-prepared for the weather, which is not like me. I guess I got caught up in the sunny-summer vacation I had fabricated in my mind and figured the weather would live up to my expectations. Note to self: that does not work. Even though my look was not weather-appropriate, I at least looked cute (and was happy the shirt I brought had functioning sleeves)! Lesson learned!

Top: Zara (other colour) | Shorts: J. Crew Factory | Earrings: Olivia Welles | Hat: H&M | Bag: (old) | Espadrilles: Zara

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