27 Aug 2017

Salon Style

This is the ever-so glamorous look I wore to the salon to get my hair done. I was getting the whole shebang done and was heading straight to a wedding afterwards. So, I needed this outfit to be more functional than stylish. I opted for a button-down cardigan because it would avoid me having to take off my top over my head (potentially messing up my hair), and comfy shorts because I would be sitting for a while. The sandals were also strategic in that they would become my dancing-shoes later that evening. I had packed up my dress, shoes and make-up to finish getting ready at the salon. The timing was a bit tight, but I totally made it work. I even went as far as painting my nails while the hair dye was setting. Multi-tasker extraordinaire right here!

P.S. Be sure to check in for tomorrows post! The reveal will be worth the wait!

Cardigan: Zara | Shorts: Old Navy | Bag: Longchamp | Sandals: Old Navy

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