28 Aug 2017

The Thrill of the Lace

It just wouldn't be summer without a wedding to attend! This was our first one this year and I was so excited to get dressed up! Any excuse to wear a fancy dress and great accessories is always welcome in my book. Our friends picked this beautiful outdoor park for the ceremony and I just couldn't resist taking outfit picture on the beach. The scenery was simply breathtaking! The bonus here is that it's as if it was meant to complement my look to a T. The seafoam minty green of the dress and the mermaid-like pattern of the lace had me feeling all the under-the-sea vibes. I even found this awesome rock platform to stand on (let's face it, pebbles and heels don't mix) and the seaweed-like plants just sprouting out of the ground are the perfect finishing touches. If there ever was a moment to channel my inner mermaid, this was it! The fiancé is also getting the hang of being my unofficial photographer and managed to get some good candid shots! We had a blast! The ceremony was intimate and charming while the reception was so fun. The best part was the Rice Krispy treats for dessert. Those are my all-time favourite and I literally have zero self-control around those. So that was a big win in my book!

Switching gears to the hair now. I was long overd to get my roots done, but stretched my appointment to coincide with the day of the wedding so I could get an updo while I was at it. Thanks to my amazing sister (and aunt who graciously moved her appointment to accommodate me) I was able to make it all happen in one day. The thing is, I was not yet engaged when I booked the appointment, so I had booked the usual root touch-up. Since then, I've been thinking of transitioning back to my natural colour for my own eventual wedding. I had also gotten rose gold highlights in my hair back in June and wanted to do even more this time around. Well, my sister worked her magic once more and gave me this awesome transitional colour that totally ticks every box! She warmed up the blond for the roots and added a hefty dose of rose gold to my locks. The result is almost identical to my inspiration picture. I tell you, she is an artist! You can better see the colours in the outside pictures. My hair looks way darker in the updo pics that were taken inside. I just love how the rose really stands out in the intricate updo. So yes, I'm changing up the hair again. How could I not with a sister who is this good at it?

Dress: H&M | Earrings: Ricki's | Bracelet: Fifth Avenue Collection | Clutch: Dynamite | Shoes: Banana Republic

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