2 Aug 2017

Great Lake

What would a vacation be without a visit to the beach? The water was supposedly still a bit cold seeing as spring was long, but we decided to test it out for ourselves. It was such a beautiful day and my mom wanted to try out a cute little water game she got recently. We packed our stuff and headed to my childhood beach! Boy was that a sight for sore eyes! Aside from the water level being higher, it looked exactly the same and brought back so many memories! I was so fortunate to grow up near Lake Huron. I decided to wear my straw hat with saying and a cute cover-up to protect me from the sun. After playing a bit in the water, we realized it was good enough for swimming so we went for a dip! It turned out to be a fabulous afternoon. How I long for those summers spent on the beach...

Swimsuit: La Vie en Rose | Cover up: Spiaggia Dolce | Necklace: Dynamite | Sunglasses: BP. (Nordstrom) | Hat: Express | Flip Flops: Old Navy

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