5 Aug 2017

Frilly Edge

We decided to go out for dinner on my dad's last day of vacation. There is the cutest little restaurant nearby and my better half had wanted to go for the longest time. After a quick swim in the lake (there were big waves today), we got dressed-up for a night out. I wore my new dress that I recently purchased at my favourite little boutique. I refer to it as my Jules Verne dress because the print is filled with ships and sea creatures (reminding me of Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea). My dad is an avid reader and a fan of the author, so I thought my choice of attire was appropriate! The puppy was sad to see us go, but she was in great company with the three other dogs. She's just a big suck! We had a very pleasant evening and the food was a great as I remembered!

Dress: Jawbreaker (Anarchy Gallery) | Earrings: (old) | Belt: Dynamite | Sandals: Old Navy

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