7 Aug 2017

Island Hopping

On our last day at the farm, we decided to venture out on the great lake with our little bass boat. My fiancĂ© is an avid fisherman and had a blast scoping out all the lakes in the area, but was really keen on trying it out on the big lake! We launched our vessel at the beach and ventured out into the vast expanse of water. Having done a bit of research, we knew which little island we were headed towards. It's called Tonty Island and boasts a couple beautiful sandy beaches. The ride there was short and uneventful. We beached the boat and explored a bit. This island is secluded and only accessible by boat. We even found little blueberry bushes with berries still available for the picking, which means there isn't much wildlife on the island either. We laid our towels on the warm rocks and took in both the sunshine and the view. Our stay didn't last too long as the wind and waves started to pick up. We gathered our things and headed back. Let's just say it was less smooth of a ride on the way back. The waves were rocking the boat quite a bit and crashing against it, splashing us along the way. No worries, we made it just fine! We were however prepared with life jackets and paddles!

Swimsuit: La Vie en Rose | Earrings: Banana Republic | Hat: Express | Sunglasses: BP. (Nordstrom)

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