13 Aug 2017

Orange Glow

After yellow comes orange! The inspiration for today's look is not a reach if we keep yesterday's look in mind... I picked another sunny dress and paired it with nude accessories and pompom touches! I added a belt in a coral shades, which just looks like a muted orange against the dress. The pompom straw topper is just so fun to wear and takes my look from office to patio at the drop of a hat! (Pun intended!) Nude wedges give the look a bit more formality, but is still casual enough to wear during the day. I love wearing bright colours in the summer. If you don't take advantage of the heat, when else would you wear this cheerful palette?

Dress: Jessica Taylor | Earrings: Olivia Welles | Belt: Old Navy | Hat: Express | Shoes: Chase and Chloe

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