15 Oct 2017

Knit Pink-ing

Sweater weather is definitely upon us and I am thrilled to get to wear my cozy knits once more. I decided to wear this blush pink one (because, blush is a total fall colour this year) with my oh-so-trendy step-hem jeans. I threw on a silver quilted vest and metallic belt to complete the look and add a bit of bling. Metallic touches are always welcome. I opted to stay barefoot as we were hosting dinner (Canadian thanksgiving) and I just like being barefoot in the house. Besides, it looks totally fine with the unconventional hem of the jeans, so I went along with it. Who says you have to wear shoes anyways? You can be both stylish and comfortable in your own home and don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

Jeans: Old Navy | Sweater: Gap | Quilted Vest: Old Navy (other colour) | Earrings: Ricki's | Belt: RW&CO)

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