2 Sept 2018

Mimi Takes Five - #14

ONE // Striped Cardigan
The minute I saw this cardigan, I fell in love! It's the incarnation of fall in a piece of clothing. The coziness of the knit, the bold stripes and the colour palette give me all those fuzzy fall feels! It will be worn repeatedly in the weeks to come, so be warned. My head is already buzzing with a bunch of outfit ideas centered on this cardigan. Sweater weather is almost here: I can feel it!

TWO // Invite Mailout
After countless hours (and I mean countless), my wedding invitations were finally done and ready to mail out! What a labour of love that was... Don't get me wrong, I loved every minute of it! But, making wedding invitations is no joke. Ok, I'll admit it, I designed a very elaborate invitation. But, even a simple one would have been a job and a half to make. I am so pleased with the way they turned out and can't wait to see what people think of them! I will share more pictures and talk about the creation process more in depth in a dedicated wedding post sometime this winter. Be on the lookout!

THREE // Another GMG Dress
I'd been eyeing this particular GMG dress from the moment it was released. Truth be told, it was the first one that caught my eye! Unfortunately, it was not stocked at my local Nordstrom, so I went without. That is until I saw it on clearance (in my size) on the US site! I snapped it up right away! The pictures don't do it justice, it's even more beautiful in person. With its big bow detail and open back; it's what sundress dreams are made of. Now, I realize I won't get to wear it that way until next year, but I am determined to wear it before then. Keep an eye out to see how I manage that one! If you like this dress, be sure to check out the fall GMG line-up! I am totally swooning over this one!

FOUR // Sewing Machine Desk
Well, this is one project I'm happy is finally done! My aunt gave me this sewing desk when she moved to a smaller place and I was more than happy to take it off her hands. It's a solid-wood desk with a little elevator that allows you to tuck your machine inside it. They don't make them like this anymore, so this was a piece to hang on to! It's one of the few pieces of furniture we had removed from the house post-fire to try and salvage. Thankfully, this one made it through! We got it back from storage about a year and a half ago but it had been sitting in our living room since then. I knew I wanted to paint it white to give it a bit of a face-lift and to make it match all of the other furniture in my basement. The dark brown was just not going to cut it. We finally got around to repainting it and bringing it to its forever place, tucked neatly between my wall-units in the basement. I had earmarked a spot for it when I designed the basement layout and am happy it fits perfectly! It was the biggest DIY project I ever took on and I'm quite pleased with the result! Now I can finally take my sewing machine out of the cardboard box and set it in its rightful place.

FIVE // Round Rattan Bag
I have been looking for one of these round rattan bags all summer! I was never finding the right one. It was either the wrong colour, the clasp wasn't what I was looking for or the price was just ridiculous. I had come across this beauty at Zara, but it sold out before I could snag one. I was so disappointed! Instead of lusting over a sold-out item, I decided I'd probably have better luck next year. Low and behold, I was scrolling on the Zara website the other day and it had been restocked! Let's just say I did not hesitate this time and I added it to my cart ASAP! It's just what I was looking for and I couldn't be any happier with it! I'm not sure how much wear I'll get out of it this year as summer is dwindling fast, but I sure look forward to wearing it with everything and anything come spring!

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