9 Sept 2018

Mimi Takes Five - #15

ONE // Blanket Scarves 
Blanket-scarf season is nearly upon us and my little bundles are neatly stacked and patiently waiting to be wrapped around my neck! My love for the oversized accessory started in the Fall of 2014 and has been going strong ever since. Every year, I seem to add to my collection because: 1 - I have a plaid addiction that needs feeding and 2 - one can never have too many colour options to cheer up a cold winter look! Although my first scarf was from Zara, I find most of them at Old Navy. I do prefer the big square-shaped ones but will settle for oblong if the print is calling my name. I've gotten used to tying the oblong ones and I don't mind them as much. The very best part about these is that they make the best shoulder wrap when I get cold at my desk. Two birds, one stone! I've rounded up a few similar options to my scarves in the widget below.
TWO // Burgundy Earrings
I've been loving everything burgundy these days and am gearing up to wear all the burgundy, all the time come fall... I hope you like the shade, because it will be on serious repeat! Although I love a good bright red, there is something so grounding about the warm burgundy hue. I found these statement floral earrings at my favourite little boutique the other day. They remind me of a similar style I spotted at H&M that comes in a variety of colours. However, the finish on these is so cool. It's mat and has an almost rubbery texture. Really unique!

THREE // Plaid Skirt
Along with burgundy, mustard is also on my radar. I've loved the particular shade of yellow for years and always yearn to wear it in the fall. Actually, give me all the warm colours in autumn! Naturally, when I saw this skirt at Zara, I did not think twice about getting it. First things first, it's plaid. Secondly, it's burgundy, mustard AND turquoise, a dream colour palette! Finally, it's got all those preppy vibes that make dressing for fall a breeze! The only downside is that it's a tad on the shorter side. Hopefully, it will work with tights and boots... 

Four // Shakespeare Books
Another great find while on our day-trip a couple weeks ago are these Shakespeare plays! We stumbled upon a tiny book store, nestled on a side street (never saw it before even though we go to this village regularly...). Long story short, we came across this collection of Shakespeare plays in mini book format. They are leather bound and totally have that vintage feel, but the condition is amazing. We settled on picking out our top five plays to get our mini library started. We haven't purchased any books since the fire, so I'd say this is as good a place to start as any! (The phone is in the picture to give you perspective on the size of the books.)

FIVE // Collar Clip
Another find on our day-trip (it was productive shopping-wise) was this collar-clip. I had been wanting one of these for ages! Seeing as I am huge on layering shirts with sweaters in the winter, I always thought a collar-clip would be the perfect thing to dress up some of those looks. Low and behold, I found this precious pearl-adorned clip in a boutique. I can't wait to give a whirl! It will bring that perfect preppy/vintage/librarian touch to my outfits. Maybe I'll even wear it with cardigans... The wheels are spinning!

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