30 Sept 2018

Mimi Takes Five - #18

ONE // Blue Grapes
One of the telltale signs that fall is here is the sight of blue grapes in the grocery aisles! I get so giddy when I spot these because I absolutely love them! They are technically Concorde grapes, but I've always called them blue grapes. They are the funnest grapes to eat and my mom taught me how to. I pluck one from the cluster and put in my mouth with the hole facing inwards. I then suck out the inside, swallow it whole and then chew the sour skin. I know this is unusual, but I've always eaten them that way. The inside is so sweet while the skin is nice and tart! Try it, it's a whole experience!

TWO // September Ipsy Glambag
Oh, I was so excited to receive this month's glam bag! I'd been eagerly waiting for it ever since I got my sneak peek! I think I was most excited about the trèstique lippy! It's been ages since I got a lip product from that brand and I absolutely love them! Sadly, I was hoping for the English Rose shade, but got the Mumbai Magenta. I always prefer red shades over pink ones when it comes to lipsticks, but for some reason Ipsy always gets this detail wrong...  The pink shade is a nice one, I just don't see myself wearing it as often as I would a red one. There's always next time! The dual eyeshadow is my favourite! It's the best shades for a fall smoky eye and I've been wearing it on repeat! I am also surprisingly loving the purple liner. Who knew? I have yet to try the salt scrub and the primerizer, but plan on testing them out soon enough! 

THREE // Corduroy Button Skirt
I'm totally drawn to textures this season and corduroy (however old school) has got my full attention! I am loving this mini skirt with buttons. It's classic-preppy, yet has a slight 70s feel to it. I plan on wearing it with all the sweaters, shirts and tights I can this season. It's a perfect wardrobe basic that can be endlessly mixed and matched. This burnt orange meets burgundy shade is the perfect addition to any fall palette. It's warm and comforting and is giving me all the fuzzy feelings!


Four // Hair Refresh 
With the wedding quickly approaching, I made sure to schedule all my hair appointments up until the big day! I was actually pretty blond when we got engaged, so the hair transition back to my natural shade has been a process. Thankfully, my super amazing hairdresser is my sister, so I can trust her blindly! She has done the most amazing things with my hair and I feel confident she'll make sure my hair looks and feels its best for the big day. We've already come a long way from blond! Today's appointment was for a root colour. Next time, we will do the roots, tone the blonder ends and do a the final pre-wedding cut. I always look forward to these salon appointments because I get to chill for a bit and spend time with my sis! The best of both world!

FIVE // Sweater Organization
So before my closet mishap happened (check out my Insta stories for recent developments), I took the time to sort and organize all of my sweaters in preparation for sweater weather. I love wearing cozy sweaters and I am so ready to start layering again! I took all of my sweaters off the shelves and refolded the lot. Then, I stacked them by colour! Yes, I'm that person... It just looks sooo good, plus you always know just where to look when searching for a specific one. It's both pretty and practical! How do you guys organize your sweaters?

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