16 Sept 2018

Mimi Takes Five - #16

ONE // White Blouse
The white blouse has really become a closet staple for me because I find it to be one of most used outfit building blocks. I have a small collection of them because it's all about the details. Trust me, there is more to it than meets the eye when it comes to white shirts/blouses. From your basic collared button-down to the stand-up collars and lace detailing, the sky's the limit! This recent addition with ruffle collar and trim will layer perfectly with cardigans and blazers. It will also look great tucked into a high-waisted skirt or trousers. Never underestimate the power of a white blouse!

TWO // Office Chair
Now that my sewing desk is set up in its nook, and the machine is ready to be used, I realized I needed a more functional sewing chair. I was using a regular chair, but it was not cutting it. Because I'm on carpet, I needed a swivel chair and preferably height-adjustable. Well, let's just say I found the holy grail! We were wandering in Homesense (as one does) and came upon this beauty of a chair! I sat in it to test it out and it was super comfortable! It checked off all the boxes for me: swivel, height adjustable, comfortable, colour matched my decor! I don't think I could have found a better chair short of designing it myself. I love it when things fall into place!

THREE // Plaid Pixie Pants
Ok, anybody who knows me knows I love Old Navy Pixie pants. They are hands down the best pants out there. The price, comfort and selection is hard to beat! They have become my go to for fun, trendy and even classic pants. I typically wear them for work, but they are comfortable enough I wear them on the weekend too! This season, I added the grey plaid version. I love wearing printed and patterned pants because it changes things up a bit. I look forward to wearing this pair dressed up for work and in a more festive way for the Holidays.

Four //Pearled Velvet Headband
This gem of a find was totally random. I was browsing in Simons on my lunch break the other day and always end up in the accessories section. (They seriously have an awesome accessories section!) I happened to glance over at the headbands when the pearls caught my eye. Once a pearl-lover, always a pearl-lover! When I got closer and realized the headband was velvet, I just had to try it on. The best part is that it was under ten dollars! I didn't hesitate one second and this beauty came home with me. It's the perfect accessory to dress up a basic sweater look or even for festive wear. The velvet gives it that richness and the pearls give it class. All good things in my book. It's an update on the preppy headband and I can't wait to wear it!

FIVE // Red Plaid Cape
More plaid: yes! More capes: yes! I have yet to see a plaid cape that I didn't like and this one was begging me to try it on. It's another Marshalls find and my fiancé totally gave me an eye roll while I was putting it in the cart! The price was right, so this beauty will feel right at home in my closet! I did not have a red plaid cape, which is undeniably a required piece in one's wardrobe. Right? I rectified that lack and am now ready to traipse through the woods in my cape, surrounded by the fall leaves. Yes, I am mentally preparing for those Little Red Riding Hood comparisons because they are sure to be made. Bring on the "compliments"! Because that is how I will take them ;)

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