16 Dec 2018

Mimi Takes Five - #29

ONE // Plaid Midi Skirt
This skirt is what Christmas dreams are made of! Being the plaid lover that I am, I could not resist this beauty! The midi length, the belt at the waist, the circle shape and the black background really makes the red and green pop! I plan on wearing this one over and over again. And I won't limit myself to the festive season. After all, it is very similar to a skirt he Duchess of Cambridge recently wore, so if it's royal-approved, you can't really go wrong. Not that I needed to validate my purchase (I got it at least a month ago!) This statement piece will become a wardrobe staple in no time! Dress it up or down, the possibilities are literally endless!

TWO // Quality Street
It just wouldn't be Christmas without a tin of these goodies hanging around. I'll admit, I'm a huge fan of Quality Street chocolates and can't resist the orange cream ones! I love them so much that I don't even need the booklet to know which one's which... I'm proud of this special skill! Although I love like 90% of the flavours, there are always a few rejects left at the bottom of the tin. Ever since I realized I could buy them in bulk at Bulk Barn, and even pick only my favourites, I am sold! I stock up on all my preferred varieties and put them in one of my recycled tins! Ha, crafty!

THREE // Wedding Boutonnieres
Being a crafty person, I decided to try my hand a making my own boutonnieres for the wedding. I decided not to have any flowers of any kind for the big day, so figured I'd raise to the challenge. I did plenty of research on Pinterest to see just how they are done and proceeded to get all the supplies needed, from wire to floral tape. I had already cured my pinecones and cedar branches so I was good to go. Boy was this messy business. My fingers were so sticky from the sap, the tape and the hot glue it made things a little tricky. There was also a bunch of little burlap, cedar and pinecone bits all over the place! These guys ended up being a tad bigger and bulkier than wanted, but they'll have to do! Besides, they will be on big, burly guys! I'm actually proud of myself for accomplishing this and have a whole new appreciation for florists!
FOUR // Burgundy and Gold Cardigan
Can I just say how much I am loving this cardigan? It's burgundy AND has gold embroidered polka dots on it! It's classy and festive, yet I can totally wear it throughout fall and winter. Burgundy has been on my radar this past year and polka dots always catch my attention so this beauty was meant for me! For an affordable Old Navy find, I am very impressed with the quality of this piece. The embroidered dots are fabulous and there won't be any risk of them falling off or fading over time. I can see myself wearing this for years to come!

FIVE // Bridal Hair
Alright, with the wedding creeping up, I had to get my hair in line! Thank goodness for my sister/hairdresser for planning this perfectly. She helped me set up all the necessary appointments at the right intervals to meet all of my hair needs for the big day! This last appointment was the big one. We were toning the blond to get it closer to my natural shade and did the final trim to keep the hair healthy. The toned sections ended up having this wonderful pinkish/reddish hue and gave me all the feels! We weren't entirely sure how the hair would react, but the end result is pure perfection! I cannot put into words how much I love this hair colour! It's warm and regal and I want to keep it like this forever. I only have one final hair appointment for a root touch up two weeks before the wedding and that's it!

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