23 Dec 2018

Mimi Takes Five - #30

ONE // Santa Cookie
It wouldn't be Christmas without Christmas cookies, now would it? I mean, there isn't a Hallmark Christmas movie out there that doesn't include a "baking Christmas cookies" scene. Baking festive cookies is a classic activity this time of year. I would have to say that I am probably the least talented in my family when it comes to culinary skills, but I do enjoy decorating a cookie or two. I didn't actually make this one, I got it from my favourite local bakery that has sadly closed its doors. I guess I'll have to start making my own decorated sugar cookies from now on...

TWO // Oh What Joy!
This t-shirt says it all! Other than the obvious joyful expression, it can also be interpreted sarcastically! I'll let you decide which interpretation I prefer... I mean, even the most grinchy, bah-humbugs among us could get away with wearing this seasonal saying and pass-off like they are actually enjoying the festivities! I guess it depends on my mood really. Some days, I might be happy and bright, while others more of a bad banana with a greasy black peel. So, if you see me wearing this shirt, you might want to think twice before engaging in conversation with me! Haha, I might have a slightly twisted sense of humour!

THREE // Tartan Shirt Dress
Plaid, plaid and more plaid! You guys are probably getting really tired of me talking about or wearing plaid. Or not, maybe you are as obsessed with plaid as I am! Either way, it's part of my DNA, so the plaid-loving won't be ending any times soon. Better get used to it! I added a plaid shirt dress to my wardrobe recently. I didn't have any of those, so I'm branching out! I just love this black background with the red, yellow and turquoise stripes! I have to admit the turquoise is what caught my eye! It's different from the usual blue or green and makes the plaid a bit less festive. I can see myself wearing this from fall to spring, with legging or tights, and with cardigans and sweaters. Shirt dresses are so easy and comfortable to wear!

FOUR // Red Headband
I've been loving headbands lately. It's really taking me back to my childhood in the early nineties when my mom would sport those thick, brightly coloured headbands! She wore them well and it totally was trendy in those days. That similar style has been somewhat redone in a more turban/knot style in velvet and satin finishes. I love my black velvet and pearl one, so I caved for this gorgeous red satin version from J. Crew! It's the perfect finishing touch to any holiday look and is super easy to wear! These thick ones don't pinch, which is the main reason I didn't love headbands as a kid. Mind you, they were made of plastic, so maybe that's why they pinched so much!

FIVE // Red Plaid Scarf
I clearly don't own enough plaid blanket scarves. I simply needed to add this red Old Navy one to the collection. There was really no second-guessing about it. It's the perfect red plaid that gives just the right pop of festive cheer to your winter coat. I wore this to the mall with my red coat for a bit of Christmas shopping with my mom and looks like I was plucked right out of a Hallmark Christmas movie! I got so many compliments too! I was the living, talking embodiment of the holiday! You can't ever be wearing too much red or plaid this time of year. Ok, maybe there is a limit, but I say go nuts!

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