30 Dec 2018

Mimi Takes Five - #31

ONE // December Ipsy
Once again, I had to wait a long time for my Ipsy bag to show up. The postal service is struggling to get back on track after a huge strike, so I totally understand the delay. Nonetheless, my glam bag made it before the end of the month! Small victory! The glittery gold pouch is actually perfect for New Years. Plus, Ipsy gave us a gift with a bonus product this month! I also added another free item by cashing-in my points. I opted for a red lipstick, of course! Lots of glittery gold with a brush and eye shadow, a couple face products and a couple lip products, the perfect festive kit!

TWO // Fair Isle Sweater
I've always had a soft spot for knit sweaters and more so for Fair Isle sweaters! The lovely patterns and colours get me every time. They are both old school and vintage-y yet modern and timeless. What I'm trying to say is that they are a closet must-have and I have a small collection of them. This recent addition is particular in the sense that the wool has a nice metallic sheen. It makes it glitter and sparkle and I can't get enough of it! I plan on wearing this beauty all winter long because the colours are perfectly wintery! I can always count on Old Navy for budget-friendly finds like this one!

THREE // Family Party
The Holidays means time spent with family. As tradition has it, there are certain gatherings that happen every year and that we look forward to. On my fiancé's side of the family, they've been having this annual sequence tournament on December 27. Everybody brings their sequence boards, decks of cards and all the food they can manage. We team up and have a full-blown tournament with winners and prizes. The competition can get the best of some but it always makes for a great time! It's one of those easy get-togethers that are just for fun and games, no stuffiness about it! I have been on the winning team a few times before, but was not lucky this year. We were beat by the kids to boot! Anyways, I ended up at the kid's entertainment table colouring in a book next to my fiancé playing with legos. There is something to be said or good old, classic toys!

FOUR // Ruffle Plaid Shirt
Yet another plaid shirt... But this one has a front ruffle, so is totally different to all my other plaid shirts! It has a nice feminine flair to it, making it fancier than my other flannels. Basically, this is not one I'd wear out in the bush. I like the navy, red and yellow colourway because it's classic and timeless. I can easily wear this in a casual way with jeans and flats or in a more dressed up way with a pencil skirt and cardigan.

FIVE // Clothes Steamer
I do not know why it has taken this long for me to want/ask for/get a clothes steamer. I still pull out the ironing board and iron whenever I need to tackle wrinkles (there is something very soothing, and dare I say relaxing, about ironing.) Yes, I'm basically living in the past when it comes to ironing. Lucky for me, my mom got me a clothes steamer for Christmas! I get excited for the funniest things sometimes, but this new gadget will be a game-changer for me! I've already tested it out and it is so simple and easy to use! I recommend this to everybody; it's the best things since the iron! 

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