21 Oct 2019


Last Tuesday, I got to see Céline Dion in concert for the third time in my life (see previous post here). Her Courage World Tour was coming to town and I was not going to miss it. When I learned of the tour, I called my sister (the ultimate super-fan) to see if it was worth trying to get tickets. Obviously, she didn't talk me out of it! We also called my mom and aunt to see if they would be down (duh!) and I was tasked with purchasing the tickets. I got super lucky and landed four front-row seats on the left-side of the stage. We had an amazing view and everyone was pleased with the seat selection. 

This was her first show after cancelling the Montreal shows because of her throat virus. We were on edge for the first few songs, but Céline found her groove and fed off the energy of the crowd to keep her going. She sang all of my favourites and some of her new songs too. I loved that she spoke to the crowd in French and that she sang many French songs as well. She really puts on a great show and comes across as incredibly sincere. She's also quite funny! I really love her interaction with the crowd; you can tell she feels at home on the stage. 

We had a fantastic girls' night and sang our little hearts out on our way to the car after the show and most of the way home. I'll spare you the videos, but we weren't too shabby, if I say so myself. We rode the high of the concert all the way home and will be talking about this night for a very long time to come. 

Thanks to my aunt for snapping a pic of my outfit. It was such a whirlwind night that I almost forgot! I wore a cozy look because I wanted to be comfortable and knew I'd be trekking in a big stadium, hence the sneakers. A cross-body purse was also a good call. The smaller the purse, the quicker you get through security, plus it's hands free. I chose to wear layers, because you never know how hot or cold it'll be, so a light jacket, a scarf and a light sweater layer was a great combination.

Sweater: Banana Republic (similar) | Lace shirt: Dynamite (similar) | Jeans: Gap (similar) | Jacket: BLANKNYC (similar| Headband: Asos (similar) | Earrings: Maison d'Or (similar) | Scarf: Smart Set (similar) | Purse: Leith (similar) | Sneakers: Old Navy (similar) 

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