10 Oct 2019

Monogrammed Me

Just because it's fall, doesn't mean it's time to put away the shorts! I like to wear my shorts year round and do so by wearing tights underneath. I love this layering technique and find it really adds interest to my looks. I chose my black sailor shorts today and paired them with a teal top, rust cardigan and cognac boots. The perfect autumn palette! However, I didn't come up with it myself, I simply picked colours that were in my colourblock cape! I absolutely love this monogrammed beauty that I snagged for $10 a few years ago. It's a dead ringer for the Burberry style from a few years back and I even had it monogrammed to be just like the designer version. When I had it monogrammed, I chose the initials from my first name and my two middle names. The cool part is that, now that I'm married, it's the right initials for my first name and hyphenated last names! What are the odds of that working out? Yup, my initials can be interpreted different ways, but they always stand for me!

Top: Banana Republic (similar) | Shorts: H&M (similar) | Cardigan: Smart Set (similar) | Earrings: Banana Republic (similar) | Tights: Secret (similar) | Cape: Dynamite (similar) | Boots: Yoki (similar)

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