5 Jan 2020

Mimi Takes Five - #84

ONE // Agenda Prep
I am still very much old-school for certain things and still use a good old paper agenda. So, every December I sit down and plan my year. I take the time to transfer over all important dates, birthdays, appointments, trips and the likes to the new year. Everything is colour-coded, naturally. Being a planner, I take great joy in this activity and find it keeps me grounded. I also find it quite comforting, sort of like I'm mentally preparing for the new year and am ready for it when it gets here because I took the time to wrap my mind around it. I know that might sound a bit crazy, but it really helps! I've been using the exact same model and style for years. I found a layout I like and that works for me from Franklin Covey and I swear by it! To me, organizing and planning the most I can ahead of time clears my head-space for other things. Once a planner, always a planner!

TWO // Mrs. Brown's Boys Specials
For the past five years or so, watching the Mrs. Brown's boys Christmas specials has become a tradition for us. I can't get enough of this show! It's hilarious and reminds me of my childhood. I see it as a Mrs. Doubtfire and La Petite Vie mash-up, however odd that might seem. Brendan O'Carroll is hilarious and each sketch is as unexpected as the next. I always look forward to the yearly Christmas specials because we seldom get episodes throughout the year, so I get my double-dose this time of year and it's great! 

THREE //Plaid Duffle Coat
This coat is the coat of my dreams! I squealed with excitement when I saw it on the Joe Fresh website in early September. Being the plaid-lover that I am, I'd been looking for a great winter coat option in the print. I have a couple lighter plaid coats, but I think a printed coat is fun all year round. The red, white and navy colourway is my holy grail of colour combos, so I needed to get this coat! I eneded up getting it for a great price by using a discount code and using some PC Optimum points. I typically wait for a sale, but this coat was too good to wait for. I didn't want to miss out! It's super warm and has a nice weight to it, making it a great option for those colder Canadian winter days. So, yes, I bought a winter coat in September and I'm so glad I did! 

FOUR //Bubble Waffle
My husband surprised me with a lunch date the other day. He picked me up at work took me to Sugar Marmalade for a little dessert. He had discovered this place a few weeks ago and was raving about the bubble waffle and promised to bring me some day. Well, that day was Friday! We ordered the chocolate bubble waffle and shared it because it's pretty big. I can't tell you how many Instagram videos I saw of these being made, but I've always wanted to try them! They are less dense and airier than regular waffles, but the many toppings are needed as the taste of the waffle itself is very subtle. The chocolate flavour surely added a bit of dimension taste-wise, but the ice cream, whipped cream, strawberries and chocolate chips brought the real flavour punch!

FIVE // Winter Blue Manicure
I got this blue Layla Cosmetics nail polish in my November Ipsy glam bag, but was waiting for winter to wear it. I was making the most of my red manicures for the festive season. This isn't a shade I would naturally gravitate towards, but I thought I'd give it a try. It's a deep shade of blue, but it isn't quite navy. It took a good three coats to get an even application. It's growing on me and I think it works best on my paler winter skin. We'll see if I ever wear it in the summer, but for now it's an OK winter shade.

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