17 Jan 2020

Gal in Grey

Back to my purple and grey colour palette. Only once I was at work did I pick up on the fact that this was also my wedding colour palette, so it's funny that I paired my wedding coat with all purple accessories... I also tend to wear this hat and coat together because I think the styles complement one another well and create this classic combination that makes me feel a little regal. I wore this outer look with my purple Gal Meets Glam dress. I winterized it by adding patterned tights and statement jewels with the earrings and belt! I have worn this dress so many times now and don't tire of it. Even my husband noticed that it's on heavy repeat as he's the one who has to zip it up and snap the bow detail in the back! Haha! It's such a classic cut and has a beautiful neckline and open back. It will last the test of time, I'm sure!

Dress: Gal Meets Glam (similar) | Belt: Smart Set (similar) | Tights: Sculptz (similar) | Earrings: Aldo (similar) | Hair Pins: Ricki's (similar) | Hat: Simons (similar) | Scarf: Beyond the Rack (similar) | Gloves: Giant Tiger (similar) | Coat: Aragon Couture (similar) | Boots: Henri Pierre (similar)

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