12 Jan 2020

Mimi Takes Five - #85

ONE // Snowflake Sweater
It's winter, so basically the perfect time to wear all the snowflake things! It's a good thing my mom gave me this sweater for Christmas because I get to wear it right away and be on theme. I like a good thematic outfit! If it's snowing outside, I wear clothing with snowflakes. I particularly like the bead work of this sweater. It makes it look more glam than kitschy, which means it will age well. I see myself wearing it for winters to come! 

TWO // Mrs. Maisel Season 3
I finally got around to watching the third season of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel last weekend. I had been hoarding it because I was too busy watching Christmas movies in December to focus on anything else. Also, I had a feeling I needed to dedicate an entire day to the viewing because I wouldn't be able to resist binge-watching it. Which I did. See, I know myself. I binged the entire thing in one day. That's eight episodes in a row. I was not productive that day. Anyways, it was all worth it because this season was glorious! The story lines are really taking shape, the stand-up bits totally delivered, the family repartee was of the party and the costumes were as divine as expected and totally made me swoon! It was great to be back in the Maisel state-of-mind!

THREE // Star Hair Pin
Here is a close-up of the gorgeous star hair pin I've worn time and again over the Holidays. It's right in line with my current hair-accessory obsession and is the perfect finishing touch to any festive or party look. The best part is that I can totally wear it all year round! My inner space-cadet totally got all star-eyed when I saw it and I'm so happy I got it because I wore it a bunch these last few weeks. The best part: it was super affordable. Love finding little treasures at great price points. 

FOUR // Classic Book Find
My dad has always been a very avid reader. His personal library rivals that of any small-town library! He reads everything from classics to cartoons and in French or English. I have very fond memories of him reading at the kitchen table while growing up. Naturally, reading was big in our house! Last summer, I came across this gorgeous edition of Homer's Odyssey (in French no less) at a quaint little bookstore in Merrickville. It was in excellent condition and also had beautiful illustrations. It was clearly a collector's edition. We ended up buying it and gave it to my dad for Christmas. I also tried finding the matching copy of the Iliad to give him the set, but was unsuccessful. Regardless, he was just tickled with his new book and I was proud of having unearthed this little treasure.

FIVE // New-ish Winter Boots
I actually already own these Blondo winter booties, but my current pair is quite worn in. I had purchased them in the fall of 2013 and have clearly worn them often. They are the ultimate perfect black winter bootie that goes with everything from skirts to pants. It's lightweight, sleek, classic, non-bulky, versatile not to mention water-resistant! They are basically my Holy Grail of winter footwear. I'd been looking for a replacement pair since the end of last winter, but without any luck. However, this fall, I found them at the Bay! I added to cart without a second thought! I'm ecstatic to have found the exact same pair and know they will last me at least a good five year. These booties were one of my greatest purchase ever and I know I won't regret buying them for a second time!

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