26 Jan 2020

Mimi Takes Five - #87

ONE // Happy Birthday to me!
Well, it's the time of year we normally go on a little tropical getaway. We like to escape winter for a little bit of sun and it does wonders for the spirit! This year, it happens to coincide with my birthday and I'm not mad about it. I mean, sipping a mojito by the ocean is not a bad way to spend a birthday. Besides, we also just celebrated our first wedding anniversary-ish: so we have a few reasons to celebrate! I did however get myself this little gift just before leaving. When at the salon the other night, my sister showed me the new Disney princess Wet Brushes and they are spectacular! The detail is amazing and I decided to treat myself with the Belle brush. These truly are the best hair brushes, so having a great brush in a cute design is a win-win.

TWO // Fresh Hair
Speaking of hair salon, I got a hair touch up just before our vacation. Only getting my roots done really, but any excuse to go spend time with my sister at the salon! Seriously, my favourite thing about getting my hair done is spending time with my sister. Also, having a hair-dresser you can trust implicitly really helps with the anxiety many feel when getting their hair done. Find someone you can trust and who can be honest and realistic with you about your hair needs and wants. If you are in the Ottawa area, I can't recommend Laisons Hair Studio enough! Every one of their stylists is amazing and the ambiance of the salon is relaxing and inviting. By the way, they recently started a blog. Be sure to give them a follow for all things hair!

THREE // Dog Toy
It's my birthday, but the dog gets a new toy... She's always been very playful and full of energy, so she needs toys. She also never plays with or chews things other than her toys, so we make sure she always has some. That being said, her toys tend to use up because she plays with them so much, so we are always having to get more. I'm OK with that, she uses them and they make her happy. Last year, we got her this really fluffy sheep that looked like cotton candy. It recently broke. I fixed it once, but it broke again so we resigned to getting her a replacement. We ended up with this bright pink narwhal! The level of excitement she demonstrates when presented with a new toy is indescribable! She immediately brought it to her bed to fully inspect it. When observing her technique, we realized she was systematically biting into every inch of the toy trying to find the squeaky. This toy does not have one. We limit her to one squeaky toy at a time for our own sanity! Turns out she likes chewing on the tusk, so that sort of makes up for the lack of sound. It's the small things that make you smile!

FOUR // Travel Jewelry Pouch
My mom gave me this adorable travel jewelry pouch for Christmas. She's had one for years and loves it! I think she gets them from a local spot. When open, it lays flat in a big circle divided into little sections to tuck away earrings and dainty necklaces individually. This keeps things organized and prevents pieces tangling up too much. The big area in the middle can be for bulkier pieces. When it's all packed up, you pull the drawstring and it closes in this little pouch. I think it's great and have brought it along on our trip.

FIVE // January Ipsy
Ok, this has got to be my favourite Ipsy pouch in a while! The marbled print is so beautiful, and the texture and feel of the material is very soft, yet it keeps its shape. There's something soothing about the look and feel of this pouch: I love it! Plus, the little mirror add-on gives it a little something extra. The beauty of it is that I can easily clip it to other Ipsy bags or any other bag for that matter! I got a few face cleansing products, including nifty cleansing pads, but my favourite so far are the black and brown liquid liners. I love a good winged liner, so am always happy to get a new one. However, I'd been on the hunt for a good brown one. I have no issues finding black liquid liner, but brown is another story. Well, this month my dreams came true because I got one of each and boy are they great! They glide on smoothly, are easy to use and have great staying power. I'm also loving the blush/highlighter and the brush. Nothing like a multi-tasking product! 

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