16 Feb 2020

Mimi Takes Five - #90

ONE // Lovely Treats
I tried my hand at creating some yummy treats for a work Valentine's Day coffee on Friday. Seeing as I'm not the greatest chef, I opted for Rice Krispie Treats (which is a recipe I can manage to make!) To make them more holiday-appropriate, I turned the marshmallow mixture pink, used a cookie cutter to make them heart-shaped and added a drizzle of red chocolate and sprinkles. They turned out so festive and tasty! I was fully prepared for them to either taste good or look good, but not both. Turns out, they were a real crowd pleaser!

TWO // Brother in Town
My older brother was in town for training this week and we had a bit of a get-together. He's been living in Alberta for a few years now, so we don't get to see him much, which is hard seeing that we're a close-knit family. It was a short visit, but we managed to wrangle a few friends and family for a meal and a catch-up. My sister and I made it, along with my husband, our aunt, her son and his wife as well as one of my brother's long-time friends. We were only missing one of the siblings, so three out of four is a good turn out. It was like the good old days: we reminisced and told childhood stories. Boy do we have some good ones! The evening went by so fast and the goodbye was bitter sweet. I made sure to give my brother a good squeeze (while holding back a tear) and hope to see him again soon!

THREE // Snug
Keeping the feelings going strong with this next one, seeing as Valentine's Day just went by. I surprised my husband with this book on Friday. I've been following Catana Comics for a while now and always relate to the scenarios depicted in her comic strips. So much so, that I regularly share them with my husband, pointing out the similarities. Some of them are uncanny! Naturally, when I found out they published another book, I knew it would be the perfect gift!  I went so far as flipping through it and putting little post-its on the pages that represent us before wrapping it. It'll be a great coffee-table book to leave lying around.

FOUR // Snow Sports with Mom
Turns out this Family Day weekend was full-on family oriented! After seeing my brother earlier this week, it was my mom's turn to visit. We made the most of the season and got in some skating on the Rideau Canal as well as snowshoeing on Petrie Island. She even went skiing with my sister at Camp Fortune. Talk about the joys of winter in the Great White North! And that's just the sporting activities we did! We sure had a busy and productive weekend.

FIVE // Australia Stickers
Last week, my Australia stickers arrived in the mail! My friend (Nutmeg and Arlo) designed and created them to help support Wildlife Victoria in the wake of the Australian bushfires. She had donated the entire proceeds of the sticker sales to the charity. I thought it was a great initiative and a great way to support both a charity and a small business. Plus, the stickers are beyond adorable! I still haven't figured out where I will stick them, but want to find just the right home for them!

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