23 Feb 2020

Mimi Takes Five - #91

ONE // Smart Watch
My husband got me a smart watch for my birthday. I've been wearing a fitbit for years now and wear it on the same wrist as my watch. It's not fashion at all, but function trumps it in this case. I am very particular about the size and shape of my watches because I have a tiny wrist. I do not like big watch faces and always preferred dial clocks. He thought he'd get me a device that combines both my fitness tracker and my watch as to create less bulk on my wrist. The idea was so sweet and he managed to find the perfect dainty watch-like tracker that aligns with my personal taste. It sounded perfect in theory, but then I noticed it did not track as extensively as my fitbit... Having used the fitbit for at least five years, I've gotten used to the data it collects and I have that many years of data to look back on. I decided I'd wear both for the time being to compare the way data is collected. The watch itself is not a mainstream brand, so is very basic. It would be ideal for someone who had never had a fitness tracker. I just can't shake the fact I'd have to switch over to a different set-up. In my ideal world, I could just attach the watch bracelet to my fitbit and call it a day. Here's hoping fitbit comes out with daintier watch options. 

TWO // February Ipsy
I got my Ipsy glam bag in the mail this week and it is so good! Let's start with the bag itself. It is seriously so soft and squishy; I just want to pet it! The blush colour is very soothing also. I plan on carrying this one to all of my sleepovers and overnights, it fits the vibe so well. Moving on to the contents. I got the usual black liquid liner and another mascara. Actually quite happy with these because they must be my most used products. Getting them in almost every bag ensures that I never run out! Besides, mascaras dry out so quickly, it's good to change it up often. I also got a neutral quad eye shadow. The colours are fabulous and this one will replace the one I dropped this fall... Perfect timing! Next, I got an eye cream, a face cream and a CC cream. Having these tiny products is so handy to carry around in anything from your travel bag, to your purse, your gym bag or even to keep in your desk at work. I'm really seeing the usefulness of getting smaller products more often. I get to try new things all the time and just buy the full-size of the products I love most. I actually find myself emptying products regularly. The product I'm most excited to try is the Tula cleanser because I've heard so much about it. Finally, I got this big powder brush to use with all the setting powders I've gotten in past glam bags. It was a good haul this month!

THREE // Rose pâle de Marilou
One of my favourite French singers growing up has just released a new song after a long break from singing. Marilou wrote Rose pâle when she found out she was expecting again during a difficult time in her life. It touches on the slew of conflicting emotions she was feeling at the time. It is so poignant and shows great vulnerability. Even though the song is in French, the emotions transpire through the music. All profits from the song will be donated to various charities.

FOUR // Headband Life
Just living my best headband life over here. The addiction continues with the knotted navy velvet 'band. Truth be told, I'd been looking for one just like this since the fall because I love the warmth and texture of velvet in the colder months. I have a burgundy velvet headband that is great for this time of year and was hoping to get my hands on a similar navy one. Sounds simple enough, but I just couldn't find one! That is until I was browsing with my mom last weekend and spotted this guy in the clearance section at Ricki's! It was down to $4. A steal! I love that it's a more subtle shade that doesn't stand out as much as some of my other headbands. It's a great colour to start out with if you are unsure of the trend. 

FIVE // The Big Shot with Bethenny
So, I've been a fan of Bethenny Frankel since the first episode of Real Housewives of New York City. I love everything about her from her unfiltered wit to her Skinnygirl Margaritas. Not only is she an inspirational and empowering business woman, but she's transparent, raw and brutally honest. It's quite refreshing. I admire her for staying true to herself through it all, and she's been through some pretty serious stuff. I have to say I was bummed when it was announced she wouldn't be coming back fro season 12 of RHONY, but the recent news of her own show has got me all kinds of excited! It's going to be a business competition format where the participants will tackle different tasks each week to see who will come out on top  and win the coveted spot on her executive team. These sounds very promising!

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