12 Apr 2020

Mimi Takes Five - #98

ONE // Easter Dress
Happy Easter everyone! I know this year's celebrations are undoubtedly different than what we'd all imagined, but I'm not giving up on it entirely! Although we won't be having a family gathering of any sorts, my husband and I are planning a delicious Easter dinner for two, complete with ham, scalloped potatoes and chocolate fondue for dessert. I had planned to wear this adorable pastel lace dress to whatever Easter gathering we might have had, but the outfit won't go to waste as I will wear it to celebrate at home. I find wearing festive outfits helps get me into the spirit of the celebration, so I'll be getting all fancy to stay at home!

TWO // Scrabble
We've picked up a few of these really cute bookshelf board games at Winners in the past year. Not only do they look really great on a shelf, but they are classic games. We figured we'd start our board game collection up again post-fire and that Scrabble was a good starting point. We are big Scrabble fans and are well-matched in terms of skill set. We play all the time and love it! We tend to pull out the games when we have a lot of spare time at home and these days, time is abundant! I used to have the Scrabble Diamond Edition that came in this fancy suitcase-style board with little drawers for the pieces. It even had wheels on the bottom so that you could swivel the board when it was your turn. It was a great game, but we figured this book shelf version was good enough and can double as decor.  

THREE // Beige Gingham Sweater
Cozy sweaters are like warm hugs and can be rather comforting. Now is the time, more than ever, to wear things that bring us comfort. I mean, if we are to be cooped up indoors we might as well be dressing in hygge manner. Binge-watching your favourite series curled up on the couch calls for all the comfy, squishy, plushy, stretchy clothes! So grab your coziest sweater and settle in for some quality nesting-at-home time. I've been wearing this beige houndstooth sweater on repeat lately and it is just what the climate (figurative and literal) calls for!

FOUR // Origami

Man, it's been a hot minute since I've tried my hand at origami. I went through a phase when I was a kid, but had not thought of it for a long time. We were at the dollar store before this isolation happened when I grabbed a stack of square origami paper. I was going to add it to the drawer of knick knacks we have for when kids visit. Fast-forward a few weeks and my husband and I have been passing the time by making a menagerie of paper friends. He is much more skilled than I am in the art of paper folding and takes it seriously. His talent is on display in the above picture as my only contributions are the (simple) purple bird and (not-so-perfect) orange dragon. One thing's for sure; I had forgotten how much patience one needs to turn a plain sheet of paper into an intricate creation. 

FIVE // Some Good News
So I came across this video last week where John Krasinski just rounds up a bunch of good news stories to help lighten the mood of the current situation. He talks about random things: good things people are doing to help out or things people are doing to stay entertained. He talks to other actors on Zoom, which is the same way everybody else is using to stay in touch. In this week's episode, he had the cast of Hamilton all call in to sing to a little girl who couldn't make it to a viewing of the show on Broadway. It's just such a light-hearted, amateurish show to watch to remind us of the good that is happening amidst the chaos.

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