26 Apr 2020

Mimi Takes Five - #100

ONE // Patio Set-up
Crazy to think this is my 100th Mimi Takes Five post! It feels like I posted the first one just the other day. Time sure flies! I really enjoy compiling these posts so I'm going to keep doing them. I hope you all enjoy reading them as much as I do writing them.

We took down our boat tempo the other day and that cleared a path to our backyard. Therefore, we were able to take out our patio furniture from the garage. We haven't set up the whole thing yet, but just getting the furniture out is the first step. Now, we can at least sit out and enjoy the warmer, sunnier days we've been getting. Being cooped up indoors is starting to take its toll on us, so having the luxury of a backyard, we wanted to start using is as soon as possible. We're slowly getting it all set up and really love spending time in our outdoor space. We've never been happier to have a yard of our own!

TWO // Handmade Mask
So, my mom's been an amazing sewer for ever and has created marvels throughout her life. These days, she (and everybody else) has set her sights on making masks. That never-ending stock of fabric is finally being put to good use, you know? The pile of fabric that just sits there, waiting for the perfect project to come along. Well, this is it! She's come up with four different sizes ranging from grown male to toddler. She also included a little nose-pincher tab to make sure the fit is just right along with a slot to insert a filter. These are totally washable and super cute! She's been making them for the entire family and I'm happy we received ours the other day. Thanks Mom! 

THREE // Brownies
Like what eveybody else seems to be doing, I've been baking up a storm during self-isolation. My latest creation has been brownies. I used Rachel Parcell's recipe, but had no cocoa in the house so I improvised and used hot chocolate mix instead. I wasn't sure how they would turn out, but they are amazing! Granted they are more of a milk chocolate flavour than full-on chocolaty-chocolate, but they totally hit the spot! I guess I could have reduced a bit of the sugar to make up for the sugar in the hot chocolate mix, but ultimately they were great! I'm turning into a baker a little bit more every day. Who knew I would develop the skill out of necessity. With nobody else around to bake for me, I'm having to take matters into my own hands! Now I won't have any more excuses to get out of baking activities at work...

FOUR // Folding Scarf Into Mask
I came across this IGTV post by Trina Turk the other day and thought I'd share it here. If you are unable to buy a mask or make one yourself, this video walks you through how to fold a scarf to use it as a makeshift mask. It's a really innovative way of using something you might already have to help protect you and others during these trying times. I will be sure to keep this method in the back of my mind should I ever need to use it. I definitely have enough scarves to do so...

FIVE // Lace-up Flats
I love a good flat and Old Navy never disappoints in this department! I've had a pair of baby blue suede d'Orsay flats from a few years ago and they are so comfortable. Naturally, when I saw these blush pink lace-up versions this season, I swooned. They give me such "ballerina" vibes! I think they will be great to wear all season long as the blush is a very neutral tone that matches pretty much everything. Besides being very practical because they are flat-soled, the style also suits itself to be worn with dresses, skirts, shorts and cropped pants. The possibilities are endless! I've already worn them a few times around the house with some cute spring outfits but I can't wait to wear them outdoors.

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