7 Apr 2020

Sunny Dress

Wearing a cheerful summer dress is sure to lift your mood! Seeing as it's still too cold for a summer dress, but that I am staying home anyways, I just added a knit sweater over top and called it a day. I also nixed the tights because all bets are off at this point! I might still be getting dressed to work from home, but I'm taking some liberties where I can. I'm just over here living my best quarantine life. Sprinkle in some cute barrettes and statement earrings to complete the lewk. My outfit was uplifting and super comfortable. Dresses are so liberating, even if one has to stay indoors...

Dress: Zara (similar) | Sweater: Simons (similar) | Earrings: H&M (similar) | Hair Clips: Old Navy | Flats: Old Navy

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