24 Apr 2020

Just Keep Sailing!

I woke up to a lovely blanket of snow covering the ground and big fluffy snowflakes falling from the sky the other day. It was a sight to be seen, especially for late April... Being Canadian, I'm accustomed to this type of random precipitations in the spring, but it doesn't make it any less surprising. I know very well it won't stick around and that it'll likely be warm and sunny again tomorrow. Weather yo-yo-ing is a thing and we've got to just go with it. It sure keeps us on our toes! 

Speaking of toes, seeing as I don't have to leave the house, I'm wearing sandals today. Yup, take that Mother Nature! I will not let you get me down and I will just keep sailing on in my cute sailor jean outfit. My husband remarked that my look made him think of something Jackie in That 70s Show would wear. I took it as the highest complement and it made me love my outfit even more! A little denim on denim, a little 70s flair, a little nautical, a little preppy and a little whimsical: basically, a whole lot going on, but in the best way possible!

Shirt: Old Navy (similar) | Blazer: Banana Republic Factory (similar) | Jeans: Banana Republic | Pin: Romwe | Headband: American Eagle | Earrings: Thomas Sabo (similar) | Sandals: Banana Republic (similar)

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