21 Apr 2020

Ruffles, Pleats and Scallops!

We've been getting a few snowflakes lately... Thankfully, the snow is not staying. I decided to layer up a bit today by wearing a ruffled cardigan over my scalloped shirt. I like the navy and light blue together and added in a white midi skirt with red accessories. I've been wearing a lot or red/white/navy looks these days, but I always find that happens in early spring. I'm just warming up to wearing nautical looks for when the nice weather truly arrives. Had I not been working from home, I would have worn tights with this outfit. I guess tights are the one wardrobe item I've completely given up on in isolation. I'm not complaining about retiring those early this year! Besides, I predict the weather will be warm enough to go without once we are given the green light to resume our normal lives. Anybody else completely given up on tights these days?

Blouse: Banana Republic (similar) | Skirt: Zara (similar) | Cardigan: Zara (similar) | Earrings: Old Navy (similar) | Scarf: J. Crew (similar) | Flats: Zara (similar)

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