9 Apr 2020

Virtual Travel

Day-dreaming has been our only way of travelling as of late... Staying put has not stopped me from pretending I am somewhere else, though. Today, I'm channelling my inner Frenchie. Although I've never been to Paris, let alone France, I am virtually travelling there today! You do what you can! I figured I'd do like kids and imagine a different world right now, as a way of escaping our current reality. In my mind, I'm on a Parisien stroll in my trench, beret and striped sweater on my way to the bakery for my daily baguette. I chose to see la vie en rose today

Sweater: Banana Republic Factory (similar) | Pants: Banana Republic (similar) | Beret: Simons (similar) | Earrings: Beyond the Rack (similar) | Trench: J. Crew (similar) | Espadrilles: Old Navy (similar)

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