14 Jun 2020

Mimi Takes Five - #107

ONE // Isolation Getaway
We are currently on a little escape for the weekend. We packed up the boat, the dogs and the essentials and headed to the lake! An aunt and uncle lent us their cottage for a few days and we jumped at the opportunity to go on a little getaway! It's so peaceful here and we are making the most of our down time to recharge and are enjoying the change of scenery. Rest assured, we are alone and very much still isolating.

TWO // Tropical Shorts
How perfect is this botanical print? I was immediately drawn to it the minute I saw these shorts. There's a sort of calming, peaceful, easy-breezy feel about it and that's exactly why I bought them! The colour palette is perfect for tonal summer outfits. As much as I love the linen-blend fabric, they do wrinkle very easily... Not the worst thing, but on really humid days, it's no fun. However, the lightness of the fabric is a positive. I predict I'll be wearing these a lot this summer and can't wait to pair them with all the neutral straw accessories!

THREE // New Running Shoes
I finally got around to getting myself some new running shoes. I knew I'd need to replace my current pair this season, so I started shopping back in February. I had very specific requirements and was determined to find the right pair. I typically love New Balance shoes for running as they offer narrow foot, light weight options with great arch support. Two things that are a must for me. I had tried on multiple pairs in store and hadn't found the ones I was looking for. Then, isolation started. I eventually took the plunge and ordered a pair online. They came in last week and I immediately took them out for a test run. They are perfect! Exactly what I was looking for! I would have loved a different colour scheme, but I ultimately rather a great-fitting shoe than a colourful one, so this pair is a keeper! 

FOUR // Space Force
My husband and I started watching this new Netflix show: Space Force. When we saw Steve Carell was staring in it and that he created it with Greg Daniels (creator of The Office), we knew we wanted to watch it! The premise is a little out there but makes for great entertainment! It's also bringing me back to my Space Cadet days... However, I can't get past seeing Steve Carell as Michael Scott! Plus, his wife is played by Lisa Kudrow. So basically Michael Scott and Phoebe Buffay are a couple! 

FIVE // Straw Slides
How adorable are these simple straw slides? Being the straw fanatic that I am, I immediately bought these beauties! Plus, they are only $19! I mean, they fit perfectly with my summer aesthetic and the fact that they are flat makes them super versatile. I plan on wearing these all the time in the coming months. Flip flops will have to take a back seat this season, because these little straw slides will be my new go-tos. They are a tad stiff, but I'm sure I'll break them in in no time. They are seriously the perfect addition to my summer straw line-up!

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