21 Jun 2020

Mimi Takes Five - #108

ONE // Fine Dining Drive-Thru
Last night, we did a little something special to mark my husband's birthday. It wasn't easy finding something different to do while respecting physical distancing, but we happened upon the perfect thing! One of the top restaurants in town, Atelier, was offering a gourmet drive-thru experience. The concept is simple: drive-up to the restaurant and get your first course (with non-alcoholic drink pairing), park nearby to enjoy the dish and drive around the block to pick up your next course. It's basically drive, eat, repeat! We had been to Atelier a few years back for a 12-course meal that remains one of the best meals we've had to date. So, we were excited and curious to see just how the drive-thru version would be. We were extremely pleased this time around too! Each dish was as meticulously planned and executed as the next and the artistic plating was just as breathtaking in take-out containers at it is in house. The drink pairings were also in a league of their own! Each concocted to pair perfectly with its accompanying course. I really enjoyed the refreshing tea-based beverages, perfect for the hot day. All in all, I would highly recommend this experience if you can manage to snag one of the limited tickets to the next event. For more pictures and descriptions of the evening, head on over to my Edibles stories highlight on my Instagram.

TWO // Square Raffia Belt
The straw belt obsession continues with my recent addition: this square buckle one from Amazon. I really liked the pricier versions of this model, but never ended up getting one. Then, I came across this very affordable dupe and took the plunge. I really love the square buckle and makes something different to add to my rotation. I'm also loving the contrast of the darker buckle with the lighter belt band. It's actually a stretch fabric, so is comfortable to wear. The quality is not amazing, but it does the job!

THREE // Tomato Plants
My husband planted some tomato and tomatillo plants in our backyard today. He loves growing vegetables and tomatoes usually turn out great. I'm a big tomato lover, so that works out just fine for me! I especially love tomatillo salsa and he makes a pretty mean one. It's hard to beat a fresh garden salsa in the summertime. I can eat it all day, every day. Here's to hoping we get a good yield and I get to eat all the yummy salsa and tomato sandwiches!

FOUR // Pink Ruffle Minidress
I actually bought this dress at the end of last summer, but never really featured it, so here we are! It's the exact model as one I had bought the summer before last and had really loved. So, when I saw it in the bubble-gum-pink version, I didn't hesitate! This is a J. Crew dress and I have to say it's fabulous! I love the V neckline, the cap sleeves, the disty floral print, the A-line silhouette, the faux-wrap detail and, of course, the ruffles! As you can see, I love everything about it! It's so easy to wear and very comfortable. I can dress it up or down in a flash and the print makes it super fun. I have it in red (here) and pink and would buy other colours and patterns in a heartbeat! I haven't found the exact model, but there seems to have been ruffles added to the neckline in this year's version!

FIVE // Goodby GMG
This week, Julia announced the end of the Gal Meets Glam collection. I was very saddened by the news because I absolutely loved her pieces for their timelessness, their beautiful fabrics and shapes and their feminine details. I have a handful of dresses and love each and every one of them. Julia is in the process of revamping her site and will be creating new aesthetically pleasing content with brand collaborations. She's hopefully not closing the door for good on the GMG collections, but will be shifting her focus for the time being. I'm thankful for the joy these pieces have brought me and will cherish them for a long time to come!

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