14 Jan 2022

Mimi Takes Five - #180

ONE // Hello, Winter!
I finally took down my Christmas decorations last Saturday. I usually put everything away before I go back to work in January, but I stretched it out an extra week this year. I was really enjoying the glow of my Christmas tree and garlands during the dark winter evenings, so I kept them up a little longer. Sadly, all good things must come to an end and I had to face the fact that the holidays were well and truly over. It was time to put everything away until next year. It took me a few hours to pack it all up and do a deep clean while I was at it. Truth be told, it felt so fresh and clean when all was said and done. It was a big job, but I'm so glad I got it done. I did pull out a few little winter bits and bobs like my Let it Snow block, a baby blue cushion cover and blue couch blanket. Nothing too extra, but just enough to give the space a little touch of the season. Now my space is all ready for winter!

TWO // Boosted
After weeks of trying to get appointments for our Covid booster shots, I was finally able to snag some for last Friday. The vaccination centre was a bit further than the one we went to this summer, but at least I got us appointments at the same time. The entire process was very smooth and the wait times were very manageable. Symptom wise, my husband had a sore arm while I was very tired the night off. That's it! I was able to power through an intense bout of cleaning the following day, so I think it's safe to say I had no adverse side effects. I'm grateful to be privileged enough to have access to the latest in medical advances and will always do my part in helping mitigate the spread of the virus. If you haven't gotten you vaccines or booster yet, please consider doing so. Check with your local Health Units to book your appointments. Knowledge is power and I trust the scientific process.

THREE // Wordle
There's this new word game that is growing in popularity and I am addicted! It's called Wordle. You basically have six guesses at trying to find a 5-letter word. Every time you get a letter right, and in the right spot, the box turns green. If the letter is right, but in the wrong spot, the box turns yellow. All other letters that are not in the word will turn grey. I like to start my day with Wordle as it gets me in the right mindset for work. It's a small intellectual challenge and, being the word person that I am, really gets me going! Here's the catch, you only get one word a day. Fear not, I did come across a this app (PuzzWord) that is the same game, but without any daily limit. You're welcome! Who knew five little green boxes could be so exhilarating?

FOUR // Dark Nap Dresses
No surprise here, but I added some darker dresses to my Nap Dress collection. As much as I love my colourful options, I thought I'd get a lot of wear out of more neutral, versatile colourways. However, I didn't want the plain poplin options. It's a personal preference, but I like the solid colour to at least have texture in the fabric. That's why I was on the fence for so long with the navy poplin Ellie. I liked it, but I didn't love it. I also wanted a deeper navy. My payers were answered with the release of the navy brocade Ellie in the holiday drop. I was patient and waited for the Black Friday sale to get it and I'm thrilled I did! This dress's texture is so beautiful in person and I like the heavier fabric. It's ideal for cold temperature, but I still plan on wearing it well into the springtime. Finally, I was able to track down a Black Dot Nesli! This one is second-hand and from the English Garden drop last year. I really love the subtle dot texture of the fabric and wanted to expand my Neslis, as they are also a great silhouette. This fabric is lighter, so will be an option to wear all year round! I find these two recent additions round up my collection nicely. I think I might be good for a little while now...

FIVE // Snowy Walks
I love winter! I know that it's an unpopular opinion, but I stand by my statement. I don't mind a little cold and still make it a point of going for my daily walk in the snow these days. Truth be told, it's a bit more than cold at the moment. January is the dead of winter, so the cold is quite intense at times. I don't usually let that deter me and still go walking. One of the advantages of working from home is that I can bundle up accordingly. I am sure to wear a warm coat, hat, scarf, mittens, winter boots and even ski pants on the coldest days. I also don't walk for quite as long because, well, it is frigid! However, I still enjoy my walks in the (very) cold air and find them invigorating. I think I rather walk in very cold temperatures than the sweltering summer heat waves. While both extremes, I rather wear extra layers in the cold than take a chance of spontaneously combusting during extreme summer heat. I can't stand the sweating and potential sunburns... Again, probably an unpopular opinion, ha ha!

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