7 Jan 2022

Mimi Takes Five - #179

I have decided to change things up a bit on the blog this year. Moving forward, the Mimi Takes Five series will now be posted on Fridays instead of Sundays. This means that I will also be going down to four outfits posts a week instead of five. I'm doing this to take a bit of pressure off myself and sticking to weekday postings. I hope this will be a welcome change and I look forward to creating one less post a week, six was a lot!

ONE // Bubble Teapot
Any Office fans in the room? Anybody else always wanted their very own teapot like the one Jim gave to Pam? You know the one, it's a cute little rounded mint green teapot, the one with the note in it? IYKYK. All that to say that I have always wanted a similar teapot and was thrilled to see that David's Tea released a very similar one last fall. They call it the Bubble Teapot and I couldn't think of a better name. I took advantage of the Black Friday sale to order the baby blue one! It is the most precious thing! It's no secret that I'm a big tea drinker, but I found myself wanting a tea pot a few times to be able to brew enough to share with guests (whenever that is allowed again...) Up until now, I was always just steeping one cup at a time. I tested it out a few times and absolutely love it! There are a few colourways left on the website for those on the hunt for the perfect teapot!

TWO // Everybody Loves Raymond
After watching all the new Christmas Hallmark movies (and then some), I was feeling a bit saturated and was looking for a palate cleanser. Well, I stumbled upon Everybody Loves Raymond on Netflix and knew that would be just the thing! I grew up watching this show on TV in the 90s and always loved the tense family dynamics. I'm really enjoying watching it from the start and in order this time. Also, being an adult now, I'm watching through a different lens. For some reason, as a kid, I always just saw it as Debra really not liking Marie because she was so overbearing. I get more of the nuance in the relationship between the two now. Either way, it's an enjoyable rewatch and I'm living for those nostalgic 90s designs and fashions. Ah, the good old days...

THREE // Holiday Puzzle
No time off would be complete for me without assembling at least one puzzle. I actually try to get what I need to get done before sitting down to puzzle because, let's face it, when I'm puzzling, nothing else matters, ha ha! I really get into the zone and eat, breathe and sleep puzzle. I had gotten a pack with two 1000 piece puzzles a while ago and was saving them for the Christmas break because they are wintery scenes. I picked one and got to work. I ended up picking the harder of the two and I worked on it for 5 days. I don't usually take this long, but it was very hard and I was taking my time. It's a beautiful scene and I managed to complete it without losing any pieces! That is a feat in itself for me...

FOUR // Hair Things & Earrings
Even though we spent a low-key Christmas at home, my mom still sent us a care package with a few goodies. She got me some new hair accessories and earrings! How cute is she? She knows me and my tastes so well, ha ha! Not only did she get me another pair of cute ribbon bow earrings, but she got me a colour I didn't already have. Now that's some keen observation skills! My red and gold ones are in heavy rotation during the holidays and now I'll get to add these cute green ones to the mix. She also got me these very simple gold round studs (perfect for everyday wear) and a pair of wavy silver hoops (a fun twist on a classic). I also got a set of pastel hair clips and tweed scrunchies. I'm loving the more casual scrunchies to add to my bigger organza ones. It truly is the little things that count. I will be wearing all of these so much because they are such great everyday basics. In fact, I've already worn everything (except the green bows!)

FIVE // Bread Lames
If I fell victim to at least one pandemic cliché, it would be the bread-making. In fact, baking and cooking more as a whole is my biggest takeaway from all the extra time spent at home. I would say the skill set was already within me, but just dormant, ha ha! I did pick up on a lot growing up watching my mom and later on my husband cook. I guess I just rode the wave of "oh, I'm not very good in the kitchen" for so long that I never actually had to test my skills. Well, there's no going back to that line... That's okay! I'm pleased that I've honed my skills and actually enjoy baking. I've made bread so often that my husband surprised me with these bread lames, to score my dough before putting the bread in the oven. I'm still trying to get the hang of using them, but I'm getting there! I never thought these would be a part of my kitchen tools someday...

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