28 Jan 2022

Mimi Takes Five - #182

ONE // This is 33!
It was my birthday yesterday, I turned 33, and I'm ok with that. I've never been one to get hung up on my age, so much so that I often actually forget how old I am... Math has never been my strong suit and this is one of the highlights, I suppose, ha ha! Seeing as I'm celebrating my second birthday in lockdown, I hadn't made any big party plans. I took a day off work because my husband also had the day off. We took it easy and spent quality time just the two of us. We got fancy burger take-out for dinner and picked up some yummy cakes from my favourite place. I've never been one for a big fuss, so this kind of birthday is perfectly sufficient for me. I'm a homebody and spending time at home with my favourites is truly the best I can ask for.

TWO // White Pearl Cardigan
I love a good sweater, and a good cardigan for that matter. I've really been into the chunky knits lately and it was love at first sight when I clapped eyes on this gorgeous cable-knit, pearl-adorned, jewel-buttoned cardigan. I mean, it's sheer perfection! Also, the fact that it's a cardigan makes it that much more versatile. I can wear it over countless tops and dresses, or wear it buttoned up on its own. I sure love a good find and think this sweater is a great addition to my wardrobe. I had a hard time actually getting my hands of this beauty because my size was out of stock. I kept checking the site obsessively until my size came back and acted fast. It's such a rush when you snag a piece you want!

THREE // Outlander Trailer
Ohhh, here we go! After a teaser earlier this year, we have an actual trailer for the sixth season of Outlander, which premieres on March 2, 2022. This is one of the shows I can't get enough of; it's that good! Although I've been reading the series, I'm not anywhere near the sixth book. I'm about a third of the way through the fourth book, and to be honest, I haven't picked it up since September... I've just not been reading lately, but want to get back to it. Even though I'm nowhere near book six, I have watched the first five seasons of the show. So, I'll just watch season six before I read book six. That's how I've done the series so far, so why change? I figure I'll eventually be caught up in the books to go into a season already knowing the plot lines. I don't mind reading the books after watching the show because the differences really jump out at me and I can better appreciate the artistic choices made by the show. While the books are amazing, I do think the show stands alone pretty well too.

FOUR // January Ipsy
Boy was this month's glam bag a good one! I might have gone a little overboard on the add-ons, but I'm loving it all! First off, I got a few hair products, which is a bit out of my usual. I got this hair towel and really love it. It's the most absorbent I've ever had and it fits all my hair, no problem. I also got this little round shampoo brush. Truth be told, I was a little taken aback when I saw just how small and cheap it looked. I tested it out in the shower and it gets the job done. I actually like the scalp exfoliating ability, but I'm not sure it's sturdy enough to stand the test of time... Post shower, I tried out the leave-in hair conditioner and didn't really notice a difference. Maybe I will in time. Next up are the bronzer and blush. These two products work well together and the shades are great for my skin tone. I then tested out the brow gel. Now, I'm no stranger to brow gel (and have my favourite), but this one's nice too! Speaking of brows, my new tweezers are okay too, not the most amazing, but they get the job done. I've used the dark spot corrector and hyaluronic serum, like the feel of the products, but will have to use them a little while longer to really see results. I love the tatcha cleanser (no surprise), but have to say I was disappointed in the lip mask. It's just so thick and sticky! I'll stick with my La Neige lip mask as that one is hard to beat! Overall, I am thrilled with this month's haul, seriously great stuff!

I'd been looking forward to the release of How I Met Your Father ever since I realized Hilary Duff would be starring in it. I absolutely loved her in Younger, so am thrilled to get to watch her in something different. After all, I'm part of the Lizzie McGuire generation, so I naturally gravitate towards anything Hilary does. I had watched How I Met Your Mother here and there, but was never really hooked. I watched the first two episodes of HIMYF and so far so good. I'm liking the fact that Kim Cattrall is the narrator. I actually miss the character of Samantha Jones in And Just Like That, so this is a nice little surprise. Ok, now I'm realizing there are certain actors and shows I tend to watch... I guess I'm predictable that way, ha ha! All that to say that I'm enjoying this new show and can't wait to see where it goes. I'm not hooked yet, but will give it a chance. 

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