21 Jan 2022

Mimi Takes Five - #181

ONE // Snow Day
We had our first snow day of the year and it was a good one. At least 43 cm of snow! This is yet another reason to be grateful to work from home. I actually get to enjoy the snow without having to navigate a hectic rush hour (or more) in inclement weather. I got to stay cozied up indoors in my slippers with a cup of coffee at my desk. During my lunch break, I ventured out into the fluffiness to play with the dog and get some fresh air. We both got to enjoy the weather instead of it being a downside of the day. Dare I say it actually made me feel like a kid again, to just enjoy the snow for what it is and not have to worry about all the what ifs a big snowfall brings. It's nice to remember how I saw snow as a kid. It's beautiful, it's magical and it's fun!

Credit: Christine Reid Photography

TWO // Third Wedding Anniversary
Wednesday marked our three-year wedding anniversary. Well, the anniversary of the wedding festivities. I have to say, the incredible snow storm of the Monday really had me thinking back to our big day! The weather was quite similar to say the least. We had an outdoor, evening ceremony during what could only be referred to as a blizzard. It was the most incredible and daring thing I've ever done! We didn't do anything big to celebrate, but we did order take-out from one of our favourite places to mark the occasion. I like to think Mother Nature threw a storm our way as a nod to our big day.

THREE // Encanto
I finally watched Encanto this week and I am obsessed! The colours, the songs, the music, the characters, the story; all of it! I've always been a Disney fan and was looking forward to watching this one and it delivered. Mirabel is a spunky and enchanting character who is very family centric and just wants to be accepted as she is. I think we can all relate to that on some level. I love the story and see parallels with the Moana story. Basically, a young girl on a mission to save her family/people from a greater force/power and finds a happy ending. I've been listening to the soundtrack non-stop this week and will not stop anytime soon, no, no, no.

FOUR // Penguin Pyjamas
My parents got me this super cute set of penguin pyjamas for Christmas. I'm a huge pyjama fan and particularly love Christmas or winter-themed ones. I'd say this one is more of a winter theme, but the red in the print makes it work for the holidays as well. I tend to wear my festive pyjamas all winter long regardless. This set is incredibly soft and comfortable. I also like that the sleeves and pant legs are actually long enough for me. Happy to add this set to the winter pyjama rotation!

FIVE // Grateful Baking
We truly have the best neighbours. I mean it, they are the kindest people! The minute the last snowflake has fallen, our neighbour is out there shovelling (or snow-blowing) our driveway. He's very fast at it too. If we blink, we miss him! It doesn't matter how many times we tell him he is under no obligation whatsoever to shovel, and that we can very well do it ourselves, he won't hear it. I've lost count of the number of times my husband and I have scrambled to get our winter gear on to go help when we spot him. There is simply no stopping him; he clearly enjoys it! So, we've accepted his generosity and thank him every chance we get. Seeing as this week was particularly snowy (that's an understatement) I decided to surprise our neighbours with a batch of fresh homemade cinnamon buns. If he won't stop, at least I can make sure he's not working on an empty stomach! 

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