9 Sept 2022

Mimi Takes Five - #214

ONE // The Queen
I am heartbroken. Yesterday was a very hard day for me. I've been following the royal family for as long as I can remember and Queen Elizabeth II had been a constant in my life. I'm happy she made it to her Platinum Jubilee and her 70 years of service are admirable, to say the least. I will be feeling the ripple effects of her passing in many different ways in my life and that is bitter-sweet. I know the Crown will endure and I think it's in good hands with King Charles III. However, this is indeed the end of an era and things will never be the same. Even though I didn't know the Queen personally, nor did I have any great impact on her life, she surely made an impression on mine. May she rest in peace.

TWO // An Echo in the Bone
It only took me two months to read A Breath of Snow and Ashes, which is the shortest amount of time it's taken me to read any given book in the Outlander series so far. Considering it was also the longest, I'm quite proud of myself. I can pinpoint two contributing factors at play: this was the first book I've read before watching the television series, so I was actually discovering the story for the first time and I told myself I'd finish this book before catching up on its televised counterpart. Having finished the book, I binged the 8 episodes of season 6 of the show. I have to say, while the show was still very good, and mostly true to the book, I didn't love this particular season as much as previous ones... It might just be a case of the book is better than the show, but that's how it came across to me. The show moved around some story lines between books 5 and 6, but I find those changes made sense for the show. The element that bothered me the most about season 6 was the added plot line of Claire anesthetizing herself with ether to forget her problems. I question the creative liberty the show runners took with this particular element as I don't find it adds to the story, but rather introduces an unnecessary dependence plot line... The show addresses difficult themes enough without having to add more. That being said, I'll keep watching the show, but I have a different perspective now that I have all the extra information that is only found in the books. I've started reading An Echo in the Bone and am enjoying it so far.

THREE // Spicy Bows
Back before Grace and Grandeur launched her fall collection, I had scooped up this pumpkin spice bow and an ivory one: I had been eyeing both colours for a while and thought they would be good fall additions. While perfect for fall, I did get tempted by the actual fall collection also and will be featuring those goodies at a later date. As per usual, I'm beyond pleased with my bows. They are always so well made and the perfect classic additions to my wardrobe. What can I say? I truly can't get enough of statement velvet bows for my hair.

FOUR // Red Mani
I was inspired to paint my nails red this week! With back to school and fall on my mind, I've been thinking about apples and apple orchards a lot lately. We made plans to go pick apple this weekend and I will attempt to make my first apple pie (wish me luck!) Naturally, this bright pop of red nail polish fits my vibe. I love that you can match your nail polish colour to your mood and the seasons, it's such a fun and creative way to show some personality without too much commitment.

FIVE // Emerald Gingham Nap Dress
This particular Hill House print, the emerald gingham to be exact, has been on my wish list for quite some time. As it was released before I started my Nap Dress collection, I was starting to think owning one would be a pipe dream or that I'd have to find one second-hand. But that all changed when Hill House decided to do a gingham re-edition in August. And they brought back the emerald gingham! I was over the moon and it was an instant add-to-cart from me. It has arrived and I've already worn in twice. It's my new favourite Nap Dress and I will be wearing it on repeat throughout fall and well into the festive season because the emerald green screams Christmas to me. This print will be a welcome addition to my red tartan Nesli and navy Tartan Ellie. I suspect it will be a very Nap Dress holiday season...

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