16 Sept 2022

Mimi Takes Five - #215

ONE // Apple Orchard
I've made a fall check list to make the most of the season and am working my way through it. One of the first things on the list was visiting an apple orchard and picking our own fruit. We went to a local one as soon as they opened last Saturday morning to make the most of the beautiful setting while the weather was still cooler and it was less crowded. It was a real success! We loaded up on apples for baking and grabbed a big jug of apple cider on the way out, as that's my husband's drink of choice this time of year. I just love fall so much and doing all the seasonal activities is the best way to enjoy it to the fullest! Stay tuned for more fall fun in the coming weeks!

TWO // Apple Pie
As soon as we came back from the orchard, we got to work making our first apple pie! I'll admit, I got some frozen pie crusts. I have yet to attempt to make my own crust, but I'm taking things one step at a time. We peeled, cored and sliced our apples. Then we coated them in sugar and cinnamon. I then put the mixture into the bottom crust while my husband was hard at work prepping the top crust. We also added in some salted caramels for an extra layer of sweet surprise. Once his leaf design was set, we put the top crust on, added the leaf appliqués and popped it in the oven. It filled the house with the most amazing smell while it was baking! It turned out excellent. The only thing I'd change is bake it a tad bit longer as the apples still had a mild crunch to them. It was delicious and a great success for our first pie. I enjoyed my slice with some cheddar cheese while my husband opted to enjoy his à la mode! 

THREE // Hill House Fall Fashion Collection
Hill House Home launched their Fall Fashion Collection on Wednesday. The fall launch is usually a much-anticipated collection and this year was no different. I had loved everything about last year's University launch, but was less excited about this year's selection. The prints are gorgeous and I do like the new knit options, but the pastel colour palette did not speak to my fall aesthetic. Had this been a spring launch, I might have been more interested. Another factor is that I've already got an extensive Nap Dress collection and didn't find that the new prints were different enough to add to my wardrobe. As much as I like the sweaters, I already have plenty of similar options to style with my dresses. So, for the first time in over a year, I did not get anything new this launch. I still entered the Nap Room and participated in the hype of a new launch, but my wallet was safe this time around. I might be tempted by some pieces in a few months if they go on sale, but for now, I'm enjoying this collection from afar.

FOUR // The Santa Clauses
Just because it's fall, doesn't mean I'm also looking forward to the next season... My childhood heart is so full with excitement at the prospect of this new series! The Santa Clause is in my top three Christmas movies to this day, and I've grown-up watching Tim Allen in Home Improvement so he was a very recurring figure in my childhood (also, let's not forget Buzz Lightyear). I've more recently enjoyed Last Man Standing and am now thrilled that he's donning his white beard again for a series featuring the Santa Clauses. We got a preview earlier this week and I cannot wait for the release on November 16. 

FIVE // Fall Panama
This is my most recent felt panama and it's the ultimate fall hat. I have other felt panamas I like wearing this time of year; one is beige and the other is chocolate brown. While I love the solid-coloured options, the cognac hat band and warmer beige of this hat give it a particularly autumnal feel. Seeing as I wear a lot of cognac accessories in the fall, this hat is sure to pick up on that colour in most (if not all) of my fall looks. There's just something about trading in my summer straw hats for felt and wool ones come the crisper weather. Bring on the cozy feels!

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