30 Sept 2022

Mimi Takes Five - #217

ONE // Orange T-shirt Pin
Today is the National Day of Truth and Reconciliation as well as Orange Shirt Day. This day is to raise awareness about residential schools and their impact, and to commemorate survivors of the schools and those who never came home. Canadians are encouraged to wear orange to honour those who survived. The orange shirt symbolizes the stripping away of culture experienced by Indigenous children throughout the generations. Earlier this week, I took part in a beading circle offered by the Indigenous Resource Centre to make my very own orange t-shirt pin. I had never done any kind of beading and found it to be a very peaceful and grounding experience. Now, I have a little orange t-shirt I can wear over and over!

TWO // Fall Candles
It's truly the time of the year I like best for going to Bath and Body Works. Fall and holiday scents are my favourites and I like to go to the store regularly to smell all the new seasonal candles and body washes. I actually don't burn my candles anymore (I can't bring myself to lighting candles since our house fire in 2016), but I find that by just removing the lid from the candles allows the scent to fill a room. I actually find it more pleasing and less intense without the fire hazard element. For that reason, I only have to buy a candle once. It also means that I've got a good selection of seasonal candles at the ready and I swap them out every now and then. While I'm not worried about my favourite scents being discontinued, I still enjoy discovering new ones. Most of the time, I just go to Bath and Body Works for the buffet of smells. This year, I added The Perfect Autumn and Honeycrisp Apple candles to the rotation! To me, decorating the house for the season is never complete without a scent element. Nothing transports me quite like a familiar smell does.

THREE // Tomato Soup
We are still harvesting tomatoes from our garden. Now that it's weather has finally cooled, we got around to making a roasted tomato soup. We kept it simple by roasting the tomatoes with onion, garlic and olive oil before blending, adding milk and seasoning to taste. It was the most comforting thing I've had in a while with its fragrant aroma and delicious flavour. I thought the best thing to do was to enjoy it with a grilled cheese. I mean, this combination is a staple for a reason. I enjoyed my meal so much, I had the exact same thing for lunch the next day. Soup season is well and truly upon us!

FOUR // Hocus Pocus 2
A fellow fall-loving girlfriend of mine is coming over this evening. The plan: a Hocus Pocus marathon! With the second instalment of the moving coming out today, we figured it was time for a get together. We'll watch them in order, of course, so we are in for a long evening of spookiness. Apple cider, popcorn and other seasonal movie snacks will be on the menu. And you bet I'll be setting the mood by lighting a fall candle and turning on all of my twinkle lights. A cozy autumnal evening spent cocooning in great company, what more can I ask for?

FIVE // Countdown to Christmas
Going straight from one holiday to the next. Fall has back-to-back holidays, so you have to be on your A game to juggle them all. While Halloween is in our sights, Christmas is not far behind and that can only mean one thing: Hallmark Christmas movies! Being the Hallmarkie that I am, I'm always in the know about the Countdown to Christmas and Miracles of Christmas check-list releases for the year. I'm here to tell you they are out and viewing will begin October 21st! I know, it's early, but with a grand total of 40 new movies, we have to start early to get them all in. Now that you have printed your lists, it's time to make sure you have your jingle jammies and popcorn at the ready! Christmas will be here before you know it!

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