23 Sept 2022

Mimi Takes Five - #216

ONE // Fall Cottage Getaway
My husband and I got away for a few days last weekend. We escaped to our friend's cottage in the Mont-Laurier area of Qu├ębec. It was just us (and the dog) and the purpose was solely one of rest and relaxation. We got one beautiful sunny fall-like day and the rest was moody and rainy - the perfect mix to spend time cozied up in a wooden cabin. The cottage is absolutely precious with its white trim and stone fireplaces. It really gives off a gingerbread house feel. While we had a great view of the lake and the tree line across the way, the leaves had just started changing. This means there were slight glimpses of yellow, but it was not a full-on autumnal display. Granted it was early in the season, but I can just picture how magical the sight will be in a few weeks time. Cottages are fun in the summertime, but there is something to be said about spending time in the woods during fall. There's a certain magic in the air!

TWO // Houndstooth Headband
By now, we all know that I have a hair accessory obsession. A few years ago, I was all about that headband life and amassed a decent collection of 'bands. I still wear them frequently, but haven't added to the collection much as it's quite complete. However, I could not resist this beautiful autumnal coloured houndstooth headband from Grace & Grandeur's recent fall collection. Not only is it fall perfection, but it happens to fill a colour void in my collection. So, you see, I really needed to acquire it.

THREE // September Ipsy
I have to say, I'm feeling a bit ho-hum about my September Ipsy glam bag... I love the iridescent finish of the bag with its shades of purple pink and yellow. However, I'm less dazzled by the content. The two items I'm most looking forward to are the add-ons I picked, so the purple eyeliner and Briogeo hair care. I gave the body scrub a try and it's fine, but the jar won't last long. I think the hair oil will help with taming frizz and the tightening moisturizer is just ok, I'm not fussed about it. Finally, the setting powder and blending brush are just products I don't use or have too many of already. I have a blending brush I love and use every day so don't see myself using this one. As for the setting powder, it's just not my thing... I wouldn't say it was a bad haul by any means, just things didn't quite fall in my wheelhouse this month.

FOUR // Cardamom Cognac Apple Cake
The apple obsession continues this week. That's the thing, when you go apple picking, you end up having to make use of all your fruit, ha ha! It's the kind of challenge I'm up to! I made the go-to apple pie (and might make another to freeze), but I was on the hunt for a recipe that did not have cinnamon. I'm a big cinnamon fan, but I wanted something different. I landed on this recipe for cardamom cognac apple cake and my husband was totally up for it! He selected the cognac he wanted me to use and I whipped up the batter. It was a real success. This cake is very rustic and comforting. The aroma of the cardamom was simply divine! One to add into your apple baking rotation for sure!

FIVE // Decorated for Fall
A couple weekends ago I decorated my house for fall. I would have done it last weekend, but we weren't home and I wanted to at least come back from our cottage weekend to a decorated house. I took out my leaf garlands and pumpkins, and placed them on every surface! I also took out my cozy orange couch blanket and leaf cushion cover. I finished off by adding a fall-scented candle to really create the ambiance, along with all the twinkle lights. I know not everyone decorated for fall, but it really brings me so much joy. I love the colours of the season and find that by bringing them indoors, I make the most of what fall has to offer. You can enjoy this little Reel I put together during the process.

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