28 Jul 2023

Mimi Takes Five - #259

ONE // Floral Matching Set
Your girl absolutely loves a matching or coordinated set! I can't resist a matchy-matchy look and matching separates speak to me on a deep level. The moment I saw this bold floral set in the dead of winter, it was an immediate add-to-cart. When it arrived and was as bold and obnoxious in person, I loved it even more, ha ha! It's the epitome of a loud summer look and I am here for it. While I love wearing a matching set together, wearing the pieces separately is also one of the plus sides. I've worn the shorts on their own a few times and could easily wear the top with different shorts or high-waisted skirt. Wearing them separately helps tone the print down a bit. This set's inaugural wear was to go see the Barbie movie and I couldn't have come up with a more Barbie-esque ensemble!

TWO // Lemon Sugar Rolls
I finally got around to trying out a recipe I found a few years ago! Turns out it's a more seasonal recipe, so I was waiting for the right time to try it out. Well, we got some fresh lemons last weekend and I thought of this recipe at the right moment! These are Lemon Sugar Rolls with a Cream Cheese Frosting from Half-Baked Harvest. It's essentially cinnamon buns, but lemon flavoured! I think it's a genius recipe for this time of year! My husband is a big lemon fan (as am I), so this didn't need much convincing, ha ha! Well, they were just as wonderful as I expected them to be! I went heavy on the lemon zest, zesting two big lemons. I also added some fresh-squeezed lemon juice in the frosting and it gave it just the right amount of zing. These really turned out being the perfect summer sweet treat and I'll definitely be making them from here on out!

THREE // July Ipsy
I got my July Ipsy glam bag and while I love the contents, I was less than enthralled with the bag itself. I usually look forward to the new design reveals each month and was left disappointed when I realized the July bag was just a Refreshments pouch (which I already got in a previous glam bag). It's a great bag, just not what I was expecting and find Ipsy just called it in this month. I'll end up giving it to someone but a new bag would have been nice. Anyways, I am happy with the contents, though. I love the clay mask and the lip scrub is nice even if I did find it a bit greasy. The nude eyeshadow palette is perfect for every day and the eye liner is precise. It also has great staying power, so the cleansing oil came in handy! Finally, I got another travel size of my favourite KP bump eraser scrub and decided to get a couple of the Glow Recipe products as I like the range (it smells of watermelon!)

FOUR // Bath & Body Works Fall Arrivals
Ohhh, I've been waiting for this day to arrive! There is nothing like the fall releases at Bath & Body Works to get me into the fall spirit! Fall scents are some of my favourites: I love apple, pumpkin, cranberry and all the general spicy notes we get this time of year. I just go into the store and relish is smelling as many candles as I can. I've always been an olfactory person, so scents really speak to me. In my opinion, nothing can transport me to a time or place more than a scent can. Basically, going into Bath & Body Works in the summer is my way of getting a taste of fall before it's here. While I love the general fall stuff, the Halloween line-up is pretty good too. But I think the thing I await with most anticipation is the hand sanitizer holders. The fall ones are always the cutest! I'm eyeing the jewel pumpkin and the little green mushroom.

FIVE // Cherries
We got some cherries at the grocery store the other day and they are the most delicious this time of year! We just keep a bowl out on the counter and graze on them throughout the day. The darker, the better - I love a flavourful cherry! We are getting our fill while we can, but I also plan on baking with some towards the end of the season, when they are starting to not be quite as delicious.

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