7 Jul 2023

Mimi Takes Five - #256

ONE // Cottage Weekend
We escaped the city for the long weekend as a family cottage became available. It's so nice to have the opportunity to get to go relax for a few days by the lake. It was the Canada Day long weekend, but we stayed low-key and just did a lot of swimming, reading and just spending quality family time. It was a beautiful weekend bar the flash thunderstorm and tornado warning on the first day... Thankfully, it didn't last long and we only got a tiny bit of hail and a heavy downpour. Other than that the sun was shining and the lake was refreshing! This is what summer weekends are for!

TWO // Lilac Straw Bag
At this point, it's no secret I have an extensive straw bag collection. One would think that I've got a good enough variety to cover all my bases. That being said, I keep an eye open every summer for new, interesting and different straw bag options. As luck would have it, I stumbled upon a tiny straw crossbody bag with lilac accents. How could I pass on this? It's straw AND lilac! It's the meeting of two of my favourite things, creating arguably the most perfect of summer accessories. I didn't have anything like it, so I got it and am so pleased I did! To say I love it would be an understatement. This is precisely the kind of fashion find I live for.

THREE // Puzzle Swap
Doing a puzzle the other day just left me wanting to puzzle more... Luckily, we have a bit of a puzzle swap situation in the lunchroom at work. People bring in pre-loved puzzles and people puzzle on their breaks. There's pretty much always a puzzle on the go. Since I was a bit tired of the selection I have at home, I decided to borrow one of the puzzles. I brought it home and once I'm done, I'll bring it back. This is such a great way to recycle your puzzles! I also recently gave a bunch away to a friend who was looking to swap puzzles. I don't mind redoing puzzles, but sometimes it's nice to change things up.

FOUR // Book Binding
I have fallen deep into the rabbit hole that is @thatsmybookshelf's Instagram account. Having always been a book lover and working in a library, books are an ever presence in my life. I was just scrolling through Reels the other day (as one does) and audibly gasped when I saw someone just ripping off the cover of a book! The shock was real! But it also hooked me and I had to see if there would be a good reason in destroying a perfectly good book. These reasons are few in my book, ha ha! I was pleasantly surprised to find out the owner of said book is presently in the throes of rebinding her entire library into the Penguin Clothbound book aesthetic. I was aware of this collection and do find the aesthetic quite appealing. I was lucky enough to have participated in a few bookbinding workshops offered by one of my colleagues who is an artist in the medium and have total respect for the process. The results are mesmerizing and I can't stop watching the videos. I'm fully invested in this project and have to admit the unity and sheer perfection of the resulting book shelf is the stuff of dreams. 

FIVE//Anti-Chafe Stick
When one of your favourite beauty brands comes out with an anti-chafe stick, you add to cart immediately and test that stuff out! When I say I have tried all the things to prevent chafing in the summer, I mean it. I've been on such a journey! I did find solutions to my problem, but am always looking for something better. Well, this product might just be the Holy Grail! It comes in a solid stick form, not unlike a deodorant, and applies to the skin in a similar way. I'd say the size is decent; not too big, making it easy to carry or pack, yet substantial enough you feel like the product will last. As far as I can tell, it is unscented. 

I first tested it out on a run. Yup, I wanted to put it through its paces, ha! I don't usually wear shorts on runs because of chafing, but decided to this time around to put this product to the test. I'd like to also mention, said run was in the mid afternoon, during a heatwave. I took one for the team! I did find the product to go on smoothly, while finding it a tad greasy. However, the product did not seem to stain my clothing (I tried it with other shorts for work too). The claim is that it should last 10 thousand steps and I have to say, it totally worked for me! I ran in shorts, during a heatwave and had zero inklings of chafe on my thighs! I give this product five stars. I will not be giving up on my nude slip shorts, but this stuff is the bomb and lives up to the hype. 

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